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Whether for color, content or layout, sooner or later a proof is required to share your work with clients for last minutes changes or final approvals. But with tight deadlines and the geographic separation between business partners, traditional proofing methods might not be suitable to ensure an efficient communication process, making soft proofing the obvious alternative.

Seamless integration in any customer portal

DIALOGUE Engine integrated in ChalcoWith the DIALOGUE Engine soft proofing server, efficiency is not only about cost and time savings. Productivity is also gained from an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, within a working environment the end user recognizes immediately as his own. As a Software Development Kit (SDK), DIALOGUE Engine is designed to be an integrative part of any existing third-party DAM or custom-designed web page. Clients simply add soft proofing capabilities to a system they already feel comfortable with.

DIALOGUE Engine integrated in SendMyAdGiven the right permissions, any document, from first artwork draft to final imposed form located on the server, is instantly available for review in a standard web browser — anytime, anywhere. HTML5And, since it is all based on HTML5, no plug-ins are required.

Workflow for streamlined communication with your client

PDF annotations and moreWith a virtually unlimited zoom, users can review or approve high-resolution documents in complete detail without the need of downloading a file or requiring fast Internet access. Comments and requests for corrections are stored on a centralized server, avoiding any communication issues. Measuring densities or checking available layers and single separations within a positive or negative view is only a mouse click away. The ability to rotate a document helps to review content, especially on imposed or nested forms. And, in order to simulate a specific printing process or ink characteristics, opacity and order of separations can be easily altered, the same way a file view can be inverted.

PDF compare - ultimate quality control

CompareWhen multiple revisions or versions have been created, keeping track of all changes in the documents is critical. Have all the requested modifications been applied, did we miss anything? Or, has anything changed without being noticed by anyone?

Whether it's content or color changes you are looking for, with DIALOGUE Engine's Virtual Compare mode even the smallest alterations are easy to detect. While the side-by-side view provides a quick overview of the documents, smallest details on pixel level become visible with the automatic difference overlay.

Quality soft proofing matching printed end results

Certified soft proofingIf they are looking at a CMYK catalogue page or a packaging job featuring multiple spot channels, the display quality of high-resolution files helps users to provide accurate comments during the review process.


DALIM SOFTWARE’s soft proofing technology has been verified by the independent Fogra Institut and IDEAlliance (FograCert & SWOP®), color renderings match the printed end result, increasing your customers’ confidence. And the innovative, server-based closed-loop calibration system makes quality assurance easy — even at remote sites. Just plug the colorimeter into the computer’s USB port.

List of supported hardware for closed-loop calibration