How DIALOGUE Engine fits into Diadeis’ packaging flow

Pre-media agency Diadeis offers its major clients comprehensive services, ranging from creation of their communication media to print management. It also supports their project management and operational marketing by implementing collaborative tools: DAM (digital asset management), online validation, etc. For example, Diadeis centralises all production packaging for Nestlé Purina Petcare (2,000 designs a year with peaks of up to 200 packs/week, multilingual packaging with up to 23 languages per pack and involving over 400 people in 46 countries). It is in this context that Diadeis acquired DIALOGUE Engine. Statement from Pierre-Alain BOURACHOT, Director of Technology at Diadeis.


“DIALOGUE Engine has just been integrated into the collaborative tools that we provide for our clients. We have had this unit for six years and the question of why we chose this one in a comparative study has never really been asked because there was no equivalent product available from the competition. It meets our need to view PDF files remotely by centralising in one location all the annotations made by the various participants in the chain. It also fulfils the other requirement, which is the ability to be inserted into our own workflow management tool as an additional module. The API for DIALOGUE Engine was easy to integrate into our system; you can go from one to the other without noticing.

“In fact, the DIALOGUE Engine product as it has been for two or three years in API mode was the version we had been waiting for. DALIM SOFTWARE have done a good job. The tool was previously designed as a standalone application. It had everything needed to be used alone, but integrating it was a little complicated. Since DIALOGUE Engine was created, the module that we are interesed in, i.e. the remote viewing and annotation function, can be integrated into a more comprehensive tool like ours*.

“With respect to the specific environment of packaging, DALIM SOFTWARE had added some technical features to DIALOGUE Engine such as ink superimposition control, but the advantages lie elsewhere as most of our partners do not use these features. They work in marketing or quality and need to validate a décor or check that the legal information is in the right place, not check that the document is technically compliant for printing. – That said, we also incorporate packaging printers in our circle who can check the technical aspects of the pack via DIALOGUE Engine or retrieve the high-definition PDF and process it.

“Getting back to the marketing, we have had positive customer feedback since DIALOGUE Engine allows them to reduce the proofreading time, especially thanks to the document comparison functions. They validate the packaging a first time then if they require a small correction, they do not need to recheck the entire document. The comparison allows them to concentrate on the modification, there is real gain. For us, the advantage is being able to combine the requests from each participant in one and the same document instead of having to look at various annotated PDFs, plus a PowerPoint, plus a Word file, etc.

“In conclusion, integration of this tool helps secure our clients’ overall satisfaction with our collaborative platform. We will be delighted to have 3D visualisation in its next version.”

*“Mediabox, the suite of collaborative tools developed by Diadeis for ten years, is deployed at over twentyfive of the agency’s major clients. Taking into account all the participants in the cycle of a product, it covers project, planning and reporting management, etc. Our workflow management tool, which contains the DIALOGUE Engine module, is part of this suite. When we generate the validation workflow, the relevant people are automatically informed. These people will connect to the tool and click on a button that will switch seamlessly to DIALOGUE Engine. They will be able to view the pack and submit their feedback. The last part of our collaborative suite is a DAM storing all of our products.”

Interview by Didier Destabeaux