MEETwg PORTAL: Finding a totally new McCann

McCann, the international marketing agency, has responded in a brand new way to the Italian market thanks to a recently undertaken project refurbishing their systems by integrating tools from Hyphen-Italia and DALIM SOFTWARE and now it is distributing these services to the group’s European partners.

Between 2009 and 2010, the Italian branch of McCann Worldgroup – part of the international group of the same name – launched and implemented a profound company renovation project which involved different areas of its business.

The project developed on two mainstream ways. Firstly there was a review of the procedures and operating models in the creation and production of digital material for publication and communication, and secondly a change in the model for managing commercial relations with their customers.

Among the main goals of the project were: streamlining of the production processes for better operating efficiency, improvement of the services available directly on the client’s desktop and improved support for many aspects of the relationships with the client themselves.

In 2010, this broad initiative was given a new name: MEETwg. A portal for managing the development flows of marketing agencies. It includes a part dedicated to the flow of production and printing which is now fully operative, and a second part dedicated to video assets and to the creative phase of the agency’s work, which is now close to be released.

WGEXP Italia is responsible for distributing the MEETwg services within McCann Worldgroup. They are a company within the group whose function and goal is to “provide extremely efficient production services” to the clients of McCann Worldgroup, together with “asset management services, optimization and distribution of marketing communication through any media, including advertising, retail and collateral, relationship marketing and digital media”.

The core components of the MEETwg system are the applications from the suite from Hyphen-Italia. Hyphen-Italia is the distributor of the DALIM SOFTWARE technologies in Italy and has developed its own software platforms around them. This includes: tools for exchanging and managing digital assets online, tools for online content approval, for data archive and project management and cost tracking/accounting.

The components which have been integrated in the new portal interface have streamlined communication and interaction among all parties of the marketing & communication supply chain, including the agency staff, publishers and media providers.

The seamless integration between the Hyphen and DALIM SOFTWARE systems has facilitated this ambitious implementation, providing solutions to the project goals such as multi-site functionalities, multi-process/product and multi-agency interaction, throughout the international market.

As Giuseppe Isola, CEO of WGEXP Italia, points out, “the project has generated so much interest between the other partnering agencies of McCann Worldgroup”, that they are “seriously considering adopting it internationally”.

Great control and standardization of the production phase for all print output is the key feature that the TWIST solution has provided. TWIST services are accessible from a web platform that has a dedicated portal for the agency, premedia production users and McCann Worldgroup’s various partners and clients. The different Italian production centres access TWIST and its powerful workflows in a transparent way from wherever they are. These workflows are configured according to the single publisher’s supply specifications available in the system.

The integration of DIALOGUE Engine has provided the same players with an excellent tool for display, annotation and approval of content. Many brands, clients of the McCann Worldgroup, regularly use DIALOGUE Engine from the MEETwg portal. Through further development the staff at McCann Worldgroup will have the option to view and approve documents through the iPad platform, thanks to DIALOGUE Touch.

The use of a system for soft proofing such as DIALOGUE Engine allows what McCann Worldgroup management define as “the new paradigm for the interaction with the client”. In summary, the fundamentals of the Hyphen-DALIM SOFTWARE Platform are perceived as the following: “Proactive attention, as it amplifies the ability of the organization to Listen to the client’s needs; Personalisation, as it allows for a tailormade approach to each client; Efficiency, as it allows to focus on the process control; Team work approach and greater flexibility”.

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