Press Release 19/02/2015


Recently-introduced DALIM SOFTWARE product updates created using 100% sustainable energy

DALIM SOFTWARE announces that its most recently released software, ES 4.5, TWIST 7.5 and DIALOGUE Engine 5, were its first-ever software product suite created completely using 100% sustainable energy.

Kehl, Germany, February 19, 2015 – DALIM SOFTWARE has made a commitment to use 100% hydro-powered green electricity to meet its energy needs. This contributes to environmental and climate protection as well as ensuring natural resource sustainability. Electricity consumed by DALIM SOFTWARE has been sourced entirely from Swiss hydroelectric plants operated by E-Werk Mittelbaden, and certified by the German certification authority TÜV Süd. The E-Werk Mittelbaden AG & Co. KG, is a regional electricity company based in Lahr in the Black Forest.

Hydroelectric power was the first form of renewable energy. It helps to conserve natural resources and avoids harmful emissions. E-Werk Mittelbaden operates innovative hydroelectric power plants such as the one on the Kinzig River with a unique design for rivers with low gradients. The power plant generators are completely submerged.

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“We are committed to all forms of sustainability and make every effort to recycle what we can during the normal course of our business. However, recycling is not enough to help solve the real problem of climate change,” explains Carol Werlé, CEO, DALIM SOFTWARE. “We are also conscious of the potentially overwhelming consequences of the ever-increasing amount of digital devices and display screens into our ecosystem. We therefore believe it is our duty to keep the carbon footprint of our software to a minimum. This goes well beyond our continuous efforts to reduce human interaction with display screens by automating business processes as much as possible. Our goal is that, from a business perspective, together with our users, we can be as carbon neutral as possible.”

“Setting standards for the next generations is everyone’s duty and we will continue to do our upmost to ensure that everything we produce does not harm our planet and, rather, contributes to a greener future,” adds Werlé. DALIM SOFTWARE will soon offer a new sustainability logo which publishers will be able to integrate into their magazine credits.

To locate the Swiss power stations that provide DALIM SOFTWARE all of its energy requirements, please visit: