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1. Speed up your
approval cycles

The Viewer in DALIM ES has the best color accuracy in the industry!

Developed for high fashion print and verified by Fogra Institute, our highly accurate color rendering gives you the right color, every time, in every media format.

2. Manage your assets
with one click

Searching for the right assets can take hours. 

With our asset search function you can reduce the process to minutes.

Simply search for keywords, colors or project names and get immediate results. 

3. Eliminate extra steps
and email chaos

Thanks to the level of precision our customers not only save time but money as well.

  • Skip extra revision loops to shorten approval cycles and get to market faster 
  • Cut costs for retouching with accurate product color 
  • Ensure color-true brand consistency across all media

4. Keep your assets
private and secure

If you work with clients or in a bigger company you know the struggle of approval circles and asset sharing.
Endless email-threads, countless file uploads (and downloads) and the constant switch between 2-3 third-party tools because every company uses a different provider.

With DALIM ES you can share your assets with only one click while keeping them on your own servers. 

Forget about third-party tools and file restrictions.

5. Fast and transparent project management through
automated workflows

In complex projects, you need to clarify for top speed.

With DALIM ES Projects you will quickly eliminate extra steps and email chaos. The result will be accelerated, collaborative progress even for complex, visually-rich campaigns.

6. Make changes fast and scale your business

Our innovative modular solution is astoundingly customizable across all media distribution formats. 

Use templates to quickly start a project with all the right setups, customize workflows without costly delays and big change request fees and manage very complex processes with fewer resources.

Want the fastest route to
workflow questions?

Demo our workflow at...

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