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These are the users that drive!

Alain Pisson manages the Multi Media Support department at Airbus S.A.S, which manufactures all communication documents for both external and internal Airbus business purposes (marketing, programs, engineering, human resources …). 50% of the production is printed, the rest is electronic publishing (web, interactive CD …). 

More than 450 in-house customers (or a dozen branches of Airbus and EADS France) order some 1,500 jobs a year that are produced by a team of 8 people (4 project managers and 4 graphic artists). For once, it is customers who drive their own printing… orders through TWIST.

What issues were addressed through your use of TWIST?
Alain Pisson: We manage a fairly large production throughput, and in this context, it has been a few years now that we have worked on the rationalization of the products, with a well defined procedure. In the interests of both responsiveness and economics, we wanted to manage the more relevant work flows. Given the number of contacts, files and information to process, we had to reduce the maximum daily repetitive tasks, automate and control the consistency of the production flow. ”

Can you give any examples of automation?
A. P.:We have implemented self-service, based upon online templates, allowing our customers to act independently of the preparation of the documents to be produced. There are two advantages to this:
1/ autonomy avoids our intervention on simple operations such as “push-button”
2/ templates ensures a high graphic chart consistency and good company
branding. Any produced document corresponds to the editorial
guidelines defined by the company, without the possibility of misguided


How do your customers react to the concept of “self service”?

A. P.: Very good. They have access to a web platform which offers tailored services corresponding to their profile, and tools that they can handle very easily, without having specific application knowledge. They are well guided, have an immediate display (in soft proof) of what they requested. We have had excellent feed back from our clients, for both the simplicity and reactivity of use. For example, we produce mainly for our marketing analysts who work on ‘campaigns express’ in small quantities. In 24 to 48 h, they publish between 5 and 50 copies with high editorial quality. We have gained in communication strength which is a great

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