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The idea was already underway: a business opportunity made it happen.

The communication group CA Com owns several agencies in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Metz and Lisbon. The agency in Toulouse is our logistics platform but also specializes in publishing catalogs, printing and screen printing. We recently had the opportunity to take over the catalog production of a POS customer (Beauty Success) whose previous provider was using PRINTEMPO. One of the customers requirements was to keep using the collaborative print exchange platform of PRINTEMPO. Since we were already using DALIM SOFTWARE solutions (TWIST, TWIST Express) we contacted our integrator Galilée to setup a virtual demonstration of this platform.

The integration was performed in no time, so we could show our customer how it worked and win its full support. The result was very quick to happen: between the time of the demonstration and the investment, it took 15 days. We chose to install PRINTEMPO in Paris, where we already had a TWIST workflow engine, because that agency was best equipped in terms of bandwidth, IT and support. In two days most of the work was completed. At the same time Galilée started to train operators of our agency in Toulouse since they follow production and respond to agencies or customers phone calls.

What was rather unusual was that the agency as well as the customer already knew PRINTEMPO as well as their provider. This first collaboration went very well, the catalogue came out without problem, despite a very tight schedule and we received the congratulations of Beauty Success.

The investment in PRINTEMPO is not insignificant in terms of costs and rather rare for an agency, whose habits of validation are focused on paper rather than on flatplans. However this solution is really focused on logistics as it provides both a file exchanging platform and a production tracking system. This is a real change for us, motivated by the desire to repeat the experience with existing customers like Metro, Leclerc, Bricorama,…We are currently offering marketing around the implementation of this tool. There is only a minimum of technical knowledge to acquire but it will take some time too. A year might be necessary to make this offer accessible.

Our operating process is evolving very smoothly since we’ve been working with DALIM SOFTWARE solutions since 2004. We will probably use DIALOGUE Engine soon for its accuracy and its annotations. We can’t wait to learn more about the next evolutions from DALIM SOFTWARE, with the unification of their solutions within a single interface. Today PRINTEMPO is a tool dedicated to catalogues. Ideally, being able to integrate unique products like POS, kakemonos etc in order to make this platform truly global.

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