Nestlé – Proofing On The Move

One of the big advantages of adopting a softproofing workflow, as opposed to hard copy proofing, is the “instant” availability of the proof to as many project participants as is required. As well as ensuring that everyone is commenting on the most up-to-date version of the file, the time and cost savings inherent in not having to print out hard copy proofs and deliver them has wide implications with today’s short production deadlines.

Softproofing lends itself particularly well to the food packaging industry, as brands change packs on a regular basis – perhaps to feature promotions, increase pack sizes, etc. A long-standing advocate of softproofing workflows is the Swiss market of the food and beverage company Nestlé, utilising a range of DALIM SOFTWARE-driven online premedia services from their preferred partner, Montreux-based prepress company Zuliani SA.

Sylvie Rimella, of the International Sales Confectionary department at Nestlé Switzerland, notes that Zuliani no longer sends interim hard copy proofs at all. “The internet-based production workflows from Zuliani, using DALIM SOFTWARE applications, has streamlined our product proofing cycle immensely. While we use a number of different print companies, all our premedia packaging work is handled by Zuliani, allowing them to deliver us a very effective and productive online production system.”

“The packaging artwork is sent from the design agency to Zuliani, who prepare and optimise the files to be best suited for the print process before posting them for validation online. The production team assigned to the project can then log-in to the system and take a look at the file, checking for content, size, colour and so on. The exact number of project participants depends on the job, but generally there will be between four and eight people involved.”

Only once all modifications and corrections have been completed does Zuliani send out a hard-copy proof – in Nestlés case, a DuPont Cromalin. “Final colour is still signed off on a Cromalin today,” notes Sylvie, “but we can now reach that final approval stage so much quicker thanks to the immediacy and dependability of the DALIM SOFTWARE system.”

Zuliani has been handling various Nestlé packaging work for over 20 years. Today, depending on the job, over 300 project participants track the progress of Nestlé jobs in real-time, viewing files, attaching comments and making final approvals for packaging brands such as Nescafé, Nestea and Buitoni.

Yves Aubry from Zuliani explains the impact that DALIM SOFTWARE applications have had on his proofing workflows. “The adoption of DIALOGUE Engine for all of our initial proofing needs has been able to reduce Nestlé proof approval time from nearly two weeks, to – in some cases – just one day! We are a long established production partner with Nestlé, producing over four hundred packaging jobs with them each year. With business like that on the line, we had to be sure that our online production services would match, if not exceed, their expectations.

“DALIM SOFTWARE’s web-based production toolsets have allowed us to better serve clients such as Nestlé, allowing us to cut project times by around thirty percent and reduce direct costs by over a quarter.”

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