Creative Workflow facilitate don’t regulate


Creative Workflow facilitate don’t regulate

Creative processes are rarely linear. Rather, creativity tends to be organic, fluid, and collaborative – and often, inherently inefficient. It is not to be rushed. This is anathema to the business world, where time to market can make or break a product’s success. Perhaps that’s why the American artist Jeff MacNelly once said, tellingly, that the best thing for his creative process was “a deadline”.

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In the domains of creative operations and digital asset management, we’ve found that there’s a spectrum of creative process facilitation that can sometimes help. Having a structure, or workflow, managed in a software product can give the broader organization (marketers, agencies, and merchandisers) a window into what’s coming – and begin to plan for a product’s release.

What is workflow?

Workflow means formal, structured processes around rich media assets that are enabled by a creative operations tool or a digital asset management system. Usually:

1/ Creative operations tools facilitate the ideation and creation phases

2/ DAM tools more strictly regulate the review and approval process, and eventually distribute the final asset to downstream channels

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