Press Release 05/04/2017


DALIM SOFTWARE to offer its robust, easy to use, and cost-effective DALIM ES system to media producers at NAB Show

At booth N7127, company will demonstrate how DALIM ES can unite all participants involved in media projects with a fast and scalable central content repository to efficiently manage the review and approval process.


DALIM SOFTWARE (, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, will participate at the NAB Show, held April 22-27, 2017, on booth N7127 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company will focus on how its DAM and collaboration system, DALIM ES, can be used by companies to store, manage, locate, and drive media projects.

ES_1_iMacIt is no surprise that media content is being created faster than many companies can keep track and, as a result, they are looking for ways to manage their content. A wide range of organizations, from production studios to broadcasters and to brand owners, all need to share and collaborate new and existing content. This is not always a straight-line process—and is very much interdependent on the sharing and approvals form each other—and managing a project consists of much more than just a single task. And, it is not always the same type of project, which can be as diverse as video and audio projects. It’s about producing, managing, transforming and sharing digital content, in real time, with the appropriate tools, the right people, at the right time — any time and anywhere.
DALIM ES, the company’s focus at NAB, is a collaborative digital asset production and management platform, offering services ranging from online approval to web-based production environment for all participants of the production cycle, including agencies, producers, stock houses, legal departments and brand owners. Each of them has their own areas of expertise and obligations. ES lets users plan, execute and control any aspect of media production, regardless of the final use of the output.
“A good amount of DALIM SOFTWARE development activities have been invested in solutions in support of not only media production, but also supporting the need to store and manage the growing amount of content. Digitization has changed producers’ lives. This affects the ‘single source of truth’; the repository that holds the correct, approved content from which everyone in the development chain can reliably access required content. In this new digital jungle, brands and retailers are struggling and searching for easy-to-use tools that will deliver a better digital experience, whether the end use is distribution, rights management or promotion. DALIM ES tools, such as business workflow mapping, help build ‘bridges’ between supply chain stakeholders and to develop a distinctive digital asset management application,” explains Werlé. “DALIM SOFTWARE has decades of experience helping companies to operate as efficiently as they can. We have transferred this experience to all forms of content, including video and audio content. The best part is that we have been doing this for so long, that our pricing model is extremely attractive.”

DALIM ES allows users to:

  • Store and easily manage and access video—or any form of existing and new content—with keyword searches
  • Manage the complete collaboration process between all members of a ‘supply chain’ from the creation of a concept, through production, to distribution networks
  • Expand the system, as needed, to complement growth
  • With the assistance of the Cloud, offer the ability to stay connected to the collaboration process, no matter the tool, from workstation to any handheld device
  • Provide the means to oversee rights and licensing fees, all connected to a business’s accounting systems

ES_5_iMacOf course, video transcoding is a vital piece of any DAM system. The DALIM ES video approval workflow includes a built-in transcoding tool. The media viewer supports both video reviewing and sharing. Users can navigate frame-by-frame, or 5 by 5 frames, for more precise annotations. By referencing a format based on the popular ffmpeg video conversion library, users are able to transcode videos for different media. DALIM ES uses the most recent html5 interface, making it easy for users to access and use the system. Because a system must be robust and versatile enough to support any organization’s requirements, DALIM ES API connector tools make it easy for other third-party production tools to be added for even more functionality.

DALIM ES is also integrated with powerful applications. For example, Archiware P5 is integrated within DALIM ES to offer an easy path for archiving. By archiving in DALIM ES, users can save storage space and money, keep everything in one place, and offer long-term preservation of digital assets. While many companies who finish a project may not see any need for short to medium term use of certain content, they surely want to store their content on media such as DVD, tape or other format for archiving purposes. It is a perfect solution for companies to archive large video files on their favorite NAS or tape. Silicon Publishing has partnered with DALIM SOFTWARE to offer streamlined Adobe Creative Cloud workflows through robust integration with the DALIM ES. With the ES Creative Cloud Connector, users can drag and drop files from an in-app windows, creating links to ES assets from InDesign, or checking in and out Photoshop or Illustrator assets from ES, without leaving the Creative Cloud applications.
DALIM ES DAM features extend to support photo studios, retailers, brand owners and their respective media service providers—in short, anyone whose responsibilities touch upon the media production process—either in the production of the project itself, or on supporting marketing communication efforts.

“For many years, DALIM SOFTWARE has been working with a diverse range of companies that have wide-ranging responsibilities to produce and manage content under very tight deadlines. It is something that we are very familiar with and see a natural extension with broadcast media, concludes Werlé. “DALIM SOFTWARE is very prepared to help every entity in the project development chain to have the correct access required to complete every project efficiently, and on time.”черные серьгив жаркое