DAM 2018 : DAM ahead Industry 4.0


DAM 2018 : DAM ahead Industry 4.0

As the world’s largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management, Henry Stewart DAM New York is a unique environment for attendees to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks. Over a hundred speakers across more than sixty sessions cover metadata, integration, AI, automation, creative operations, corporate archives, video workflow, rights management, semantics, governance and more.

Attendees at The Henry Stewart DAM NY conference also get full access to the Creative Operations conference, held May 3 and co-located at DAM NY 2018. The importance of ‘Creative Operations’—the tools, systems and methods that maximize productivity in the creative process—is increasingly recognized by leading organizations across all product and service sectors. DALIM SOFTWARE is sponsoring this important component of the Henry Stewart event, as well.

This is the 16th #DAMNYC2018 with this year 100+ speakers across 60+ sessions and 40+ vendors at the largest ever exhibition of DAM providers. Find the Agenda here. Or download direct from here.

Quick Video Recap of the DAMNYC2017 :


This year the organization is changing the game with 2 new items after the introduction of David Lipsey and the Keynote of Theresa Regli about DAM and migration.

  • THE DAM Ninja Track led by world leading expert Theresa Regli – for the most experienced DAM leaders with some items : Master data management , Machine learning, Auto tagging, Analytics…
  • The DAM Clinic – a series of peer-to-peer roundtable discussions

But also :

  1. Hear best practice and valuable insights direct from end users, including case studies from HBO, Associated Press, Hearst, Hilton, Kraft Heinz, Campbell Soup, Dell, Bloomberg and many more!
  2. Benchmarking Your DAM Effectiveness – join us for a fast-paced, hands-on session where you can assess the effectiveness of your existing DAM environment.
  3. Network with 700+ professionals from the DAM community, including Amazon, Best Buy, Facebok, LEGO, Make-A-Wish, Nestle, Showtime, Tiffany, Whole Foods and more!
  4. Get a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and advanced techniques to manage your organization’s DAM at our 6 pre-event tutorials including our new tutorial on Creative Workflow.

I spent the time to unveil and share with you my analysis of the DAM market regarding the new DAM 2018 challenges. What is new, what customers can discover and at least what is the right way to make a decision for the right DAM solution :

I will be at DAM NYC 2018 with DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH with a booth and I will lead 2 sessions :

  • The TechLab : Manage and Deliver Engaging Assets Across Channels for your Brand on Thursday 3rd 10:10 am

Many enterprises are using DAM as the content hub for their marketing and customer experience operations. This is the repository of truth for your organization. In 2018 how do you reach a new level of experience with DAM? Your DAM system has to enable marketers, creatives, agencies, and merchants to collaborate on the creation and approval of content that drives brand experiences across all channels. At the end of the journey you need to measure the performance of your campaigns through custom advanced KPIs.

  • The Creative Operations : In-House vs Out: Agencies, Vendors, Freelancers and Headcount – Oh My!

As we are all tasked with larger volume production in a shorter time frame, for less cost, how do we decide what to keep in-house and what to send to agencies, vendors and other partners? Once we build these decisions into our strategy, how do we best collaborate with these groups to achieve success?

Join this panel session as we explore how organizations achieve the right balance and share their tips for successful collaboration with the key stakeholders involved.

My colleague Sandra Kanna will be at the Great DAM Bake OFF on Friday 4th 11:20 am. One more opportunity to unveil you ES 5.5 when Enterprise DAM meets Enterprise Workflow.

My DAM 2018 key topics :

  • Metadata and always metadata the key to deploy any DAM solution. As the single source of truth DAM is the first milestone to start your Digital Transformation (PWC)
  • AI and machine learning but first Taxonomy.
  • DAM in context for Packaging, Publishers, Agencies, Brands.
  • DAM and workflow to map the customer business process mapping.
  • KPI Activity Report and Custom Metadata to mesure the performance.
  • Blockchain and Content DAM
  • DAM Cloud or On Premise ?

As a couple of customers were asking me to draw the DAM Landscape 2018 and only based on my 25 years of DAM Manager experience :

Don’t forget also to discover or visit again the The Codified DAM Consultant™website of Mark Davey if you want to see and check Metric based analysis and consulting without the need and expense of consultants and analysts.

See you this week on DALIM booth and in the rooms to share projects, ideas for 2 amazing DAM Journey to enhance the customer experience.

You can find all my articles library on the Planet DAM Website.

Don’t forget to download our latest DAM White Paper I wrote to explain you you need to know to start with a DAM solution :

Frédéric SANUY