This was DAM LA 2017


DAM LA 2017 – The Age of the customer

The DAM community gathered at the 15th Henry Stewart DAM Los Angeles 2017 conference last week. For the last DAM event of the year it is was a unique environment to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting professional networks. With more than 400 registered visitors during the 2 days this DAM LA 2017 was a great succes with most all the vendors. We would like to thank all of our visitors at the DALIM SOFTWARE GmbH booth.

Dan Lupers team performed well once more again, thanks for the great job in the global organisation and just to give you an idea enjoy our Video Teaser of the last DAM LA 2017 :

DAM empowers the small and the large manufacturers, service providers, creative activities and public engagement. DAM is everywhere and it has never been so important to understand the DAM strategy by your organization to be successful.

During the last year we had some great webinars and posts about DAM. From the essentiel need to new omni channel engagement, the Machine Learning, the DAM Deployments On Premise, Cloud or Hybrid, Brand Management, a lot of subjects showing the positon of DAM as one of the main keystone from production to marketing automation.

Most of DAM Manager have to solve the issues of connecting silos within their organizations. Thanks to advanced workflows you can now connect internal production and DAM library for the end customers with a great user engagement even if most of the time the CMS is more and more the home of the brand. Because Mobile is at the heart of the widespread use of e-commerce it brings new challenges for DAM Managers within organizations. Some vendors are moving to Desktop Application which is not really the best user engament regarding the technology. The mean time I see a shift between “Marketing DAM” where it becomes a challenge to ingest large files and on Premise solution with a robust process and workflow engine that you can always move to private cloud.

We had a great TECHLAB SESSION:  “How to Improve Brand Consistency with an Enterprise DAM Solution”. DAM solutions are at the heart of the digital strategy of brands to improve time to market and consistency.

Thanks to all of you for your feedback after the THE GREAT DAM BAKE OFF providing attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest digital asset management solutions. Attendees help crown the “2017 Tastiest DAM” in a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. DAM vendors can present a series of short, focused demos (of the same features, so participants can compare apples-to-apples), showing how their systems address specific business use cases. Frédéric SanuyDALIM SOFTWARE Director of Marketing and Enterprise Solutions, was demonstrating DALIM ES. As usual always a pleasure to share with you our Bake Off. If you need more information contact us.

As usual it is important for any organization to take into account the ROI of the DAM system. In 2017 you do not have to spend half a million and months of deployment within your DAM system. It is important to think about the role of the DAM Manager, business process and metadata.

In order to help you finding the right solution we unveiled a new White Paper DAM that you can download on the dedicated web site for the DAM events 2017 :

You missed one the DAM event in 2017, visit our Web Site the only place gathering all in one place pictures and video of all the 4 events 2017 and marketing content.