EuroDUO 2018 – Unleash the Power of your Brand


EuroDUO 2018 – Unleash the Power of your Brand

March 20-22 Amsterdam – Because your work matters as never before you need to reach the last milestone of Digital Experience ! In the new wave Industry 4.0 you need to build the digital enterprise.

“‘Industry 4.0’ stands for the fourth industrial revolution. Other related terms include the ‘Industrial Internet’ or the ‘Digital Factory’, although neither takes as complete a view. While Industry 3.0 focused on the automation of single machines and processes, Industry 4.0 focuses on the end-to-end digitisation of all physical assets and integration into digital ecosystems with value chain partners. Generating, analysing and communicating data seamlessly underpins the gains promised by Industry 4.0, which networks a wide range of new technologies to create value.” (PWC Analysis Report )

While just 33% rate their company as advanced today, that number jumps to over 70% looking ahead to 2020. While terms like the industrial internet or digital factory are also used to describe these changes, Industry 4.0 is used as a shorthand to describe a journey industrial companies are taking towards a complete value chain transformation. At the end of this transformation process, successful industrial companies will become true digital enterprises.

In the age of the customer, the way that customers interact with organizations has fundamentally changed, and customer expectations have grown accordingly. These increased expectations lead to increased marketing challenges, as customers choose to interact with companies across more and more channels, such as mobile and social, and firms struggle to manage and utilize the wealth of customer data available today. Personalization is critical for marketers seeking to enhance customer centricity and engagement. (PWC-The power of personalization)

Explore our program for 2018 and meet professionals throughout the whole industry to engage your Digital Transformation !

Register now and enjoy a modern atmosphere between the newest arts and updates all around ES, TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and the industry. Click here to see our teaser about the event.

The agenda is jam packed with a range of great speakers as Martin Kunz, Editor-in-Chief of the ADAC Motorwelt, Aaron Linsdau (Polar Explorer)Marc Davey, CEO at IQ Equity Ltd, John De Jong, from EPICAL Software, Christian Blaise from BLEUPROCESS and obviously Carol Werlé our CEO. Of course, beside newest updates of the industry from all around the world, you are going to meet specialists and experts all around the supply-chain. Get also the opportunity to meet all our resellers and Sponsors ( GaficonGaliléeSchwabe-BraunIO IntegrationLGS Ethos, and partners like CHILI-PublishAmazonELPICAL and more…

DALIM ES is a media production platform for marketing partners and media services companies for example, studios, retailers, brand owners and their respective media service providers in short, anyone whose responsibilities touch upon the media production process.

Recently, DALIM ES was also identified as one of the Digital Asset Management vendors of the year 2017 by Mark Davey, founder of The Codified DAM Consultant™ and CEO of IQ Equity Ltd. The Codified DAM Consultant™ uses Ten Core scoring, ranking data and provides a thorough fact-driven drill down on DAM vendors and their solutions/systems.

Whatever you are a brand, a packaging company, a publisher or an agency ES brings value to your content to work better and faster with saving your ROI.