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Global supplier specialising in the food industry

Moving towards individualised packaging on an industrial scale?

individualpackagingA French manufacturer and global supplier specialising in the food industry wanted to individualise its packaging. To this end, Galilée, the DALIM SOFTWARE integrator for France, has designed a complete solution, built around ES. Thanks to this integration, the brand will achieve its objective: to address the end customer directly by offering an “à la carte” product. A food product with packaging that is personalised with his/ her name and nutritional content that is tailored to his/her needs, which are different from those of the neighbour.

Strengthening the customer relationship through digital

The industrial company wants to continue the approach, developed upstream, of having a privileged relationship with its customers. In effect, the challenge for the brand is to create and maintain a relationship of trust by providing personalised support for the end customer, from order placement through to receipt of the product. This support, akin to a nutritionist’s recommendation, is achieved through on-line follow-up, leading to targeted advice and a unique food offer based on age, weight, etc.

By addressing him/her directly through individualised packaging, the brand could strengthen this personal relationship it has maintained with the end customer, this time not through a screen, but by physically writing it on the packaging that he/she will handle. In a way, he/she would be included in the life cycle of the product.

From dream to reality

For the manufacturer, the first step towards this objective involves re-engineering the packaging graphics chain. To do this, ES, the packaging project monitoring platform, centralises all projects and digital heritage materials (the assets), which until now had been scattered. From brief to graphic design, from legal compliance to translation management, ES guarantees quality of service and respect for the integrity of the brand. Then, with a view to increasing productivity and reducing costs, TWIST, the PDF automation engine, will check the technical validity of the packaging, the order of the multiple inks, white(s), trapping, hot stamping, embossing, etc.

Thanks to ES and TWIST, the brand can streamline its communication and increase the productivity of its packaging chain. But how could the manufacturer maintain this industrial production flow while individualising each pack? According to the integrator Galilée, as well as integrating ES, by adding data personalisation using the application CHILI Publish, i.e. by combining a dose of individualisation with a packaging automation layer.

PPM re-deals the cards

The solution thus produced, in line with the “Platforms for Production Marketing” (PPM) integration strategy by Galilée, makes it possible to distribute personalised text and photo content across several areas of the same packaging template. Today on the product packaging, ordered on-line or in-store, the brand’s partners find their name, logo, address, the name of the end customer, their recommendations and so on. 36,000 individualised packs have been produced to date for 29 countries. Within a year, all of these partners will access individualisation, for a production of 6,000 packs/day, involving different products, and therefore different packaging, using different digital printing systems.

Three engines for one solution

From manufacturer request to implementation of the proposed solution took less than 6 months! This rapid deployment demonstrates both the expert knowledge of the partner companies (DALIM SOFTWARE, Galilée, CHILI Publish) and their ability to work as a threesome (1 integrator specialist + 2 publishers) as well as, of course, the perfect modularity of the systems used.

Hence data management is ensured by ES and CHILI Publisher’s shared API to the customer’s information system. ES facilitates data recovery, aggregation and validation. This constant interconnection at many levels, the integration of which demonstrates Galilée’s expertise in this field, makes it possible to combine the personalisation capabilities of CHILI Publisher with the automation capabilities of TWIST, as the last engine. Finally, complex yet individualised printable PDFs are produced at the end of the prepress chain, adapted to the chosen digital printing system, which differs depending on the type of pack (box, bag, etc.).

A happy ending for this first episode: PPM has enabled the brand to achieve an ROI from the first run of individualised packs. What was just a dream not so long ago is now a real industrial success.

Didier Destabeaux