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DALIM SOFTWARE secures rival workflows at Imaye Graphic

Laurent Baly, manager of prepress workflows at Imaye Graphic, tells Didier Destabeaux how DALIM SOFTWARE allowed them to cut processing times by a third in only a year.

The first problem with PDF for printing

Laurent Baly remembers: “In 2005, we started to receive PDF files for printing in greater numbers and we didn’t know if our original workflow could process them. Errors were frequent on plate or machine, which was costly. The solution, therefore, was to adopt a preflight workflow – so we added TWIST Express.”

The second problem with PDF for proofing

“Later when we renewed our workflow, the organisation did not choose the DALIM SOFTWARE solution,” notes Baly. “Therefore the new software generated prepress problems where the proof did not match the print. Ripping of the proofed PDF resulted in differences. For example, we had a file with one background image and seven transparent layers. The generated proof was blank because the RIP did not know how to calculate more than seven layers. The plate would have been correct but the proof blank!”

The solution: one engine for two workflows

“Confronted with these problems we decided to keep the DALIM SOFTWARE workflow, which was upgraded to TWIST, and we now have a redefined prepress workflow in two modules: Certification and Imposition. First, all files have to pass through Certification. We have developed an automatic function allowing the DALIM SOFTWARE workflow to source files on the FTP server and, once secured, drop them into related jobs in the imposition workflow. Two workflows are used to make only one. In fact TWIST is the real automation, preflight and securisation tool that enhances the speed of our imposition workflow. With this solution we have cut processing times by a third within a year.”

Other problems – same solution
“The communication section of our Group, Easycom, in Laval, had a rival brand workflow which had the same quality problems with PDF,” continues Baly. We installed TWIST Express on their site to secure the PDFs. The challenge was to maintain compatibility with the machines of our printers also working for Easycom. All pages going through Imaye, Easycom Nantes and Easycom Laval are now DALIM SOFTWARE’s PDF/P2, compatible with Agfa and Kodak workflows.

New market opportunities
“In addition to reducing processing time, DALIM SOFTWARE allows us to meet specfic requests from our customers,” says Baly. One example is providing a sub-contractor with a web-optimised PDF, generated from the final electronic thumbnail. Only the DALIM SOFTWARE tool is able to create such multipage PDF, repaginated and cut to size. Another example is the acquisition of one of our biggest customers thanks to TWIST. The workflow can automatically merge 2 x 200-page magazines for 5 magazines per month via FTP. TWIST takes these 2 x 1,000 pages on a monthly basis, paginates them and sends them in the imposition workflow.”

Future developments
“Thanks to the improved productivity provided by TWIST Express, we now have to increase the processing capability at Easycom Nantes, estimates Laurent Baly. At Easycom Laval, people want to extend the DALIM SOFTWARE solution to all services. We will likely have to switch to TWIST quite quickly.”