Creatives & Content Production

When does the client want it?

Few organizations have tighter deadlines with complex projects as creative media and publishing companies, like marketing agencies, media production, photo studios, and media services.

Between the client and final production, imagine all that you go through: creating a viable concept, coordinating the text accuracy from several authors, managing the process of selecting images and videos from hundreds of sources, overseeing designers as they put this all together, preparing it for production. It's a daunting task when you're receiving content to coordinate reviews and manage approvals from across the globe. Especially when they want it yesterday.

Wouldn't it be great if you could automate the production and review processes, coordinating everything, if necessary, from your kitchen table? And, when it's all done, wouldn't it be nice to store it all for future use and access?

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A DAM to provide more time to do what you do best: be creative!

Want to control and find your content quickly and easily? DALIM ES lets you import and tag thousands of content assets automatically. Then you can search and find the right assets quickly to utilize them in some new content. You can preview just about any media type in high definition, so you’re sure you’ve seen the content correctly before approving it. You can even use your favorite creation and production tools right inside our DAM.

And, when you’ve got something for others to look at, you can collaborate with the world, assuring efficient reviews and approvals. When done, you can use DALIM ES workflows to normalize the files for production automatically. Meet your delivery deadlines, and all final files are safely stored and tagged for quick searches and reuse whenever you need them later!

Mobilize your online proofing process!

In a digital world where processes are getting more complex, it's crucial to have the right tools immediately available. DALIM ES ensures that your creative work is color accurate at every step and on every device. Thanks to it, you can view and annotate videos, images, live web pages, and 3D files—including augmented reality.

You will be able to accelerate your time-consuming tasks to focus on what matters most: developing creative work.

Our modular automated approval workflows

Defining clear roles and responsibilities for everyone within your creative groups helps to achieve greater accuracy and transparency. By organizing your review cycles with DALIM ES approval workflows, your content reliability improves, and purely routine organizational tasks get reduced significantly. Your staff can devote themselves again to more creative responsibilities to best meet the needs of your customers.

Even the most creative people leverage the power of project management!

Creativity solely for the sake of creativity is a scarce luxury nowadays. With thousands of reusable files in your DAM, tighter deadlines than ever, text and color accuracy challenges, and reviewers all around the globe, you can't skip project management controls. Once certain parts of your creative workflow are automated, you can monitor the content creation process with a sharp eye, spotting all the details. It could give you the time to unleash your creativity again!

Integrate DALIM ES into all your marketing tools!

Take advantage of our limitless connectivity to simplify your processes and save valuable time by integrating DALIM ES into all your software:

  • Get creative images and documents from the DALIM ES DAM, and update them directly within the Adobe Creative Cloud with Adobe CC connector.
  • Access external online image stores and databanks.
  • Connect DALIM ES using any existing software API.
  • Using 65bit EasyCatalog, you can integrate DALIM ES database content to fill and update text and images in Adobe® InDesign® automatically. It’s beneficial for brand extensions and localization.
  • Integrate color management into all your tools.