We’ve got to turn this around in 24 hours!

With faster presses, quick online file delivery systems—and clients with plenty of time pressures, your job of delivering print has never been more demanding. Every client expects the highest quality print, whether it's a short-run digital mailer, a wide-format POS, or a traditionally printed piece of material. And they want it tomorrow.

So, you have to hope you have a process that automates most of the tasks you used to manually. One that automatically takes files from a Web2Print system finds errors in a file and fixes them. One that pulls content files from a file system that quickly locates text, images, and artwork. One where the job is sent to the digital press or platemaker instantly.

How do you make sure the job is approved and ready to go to press with the customer's OK? Do you have a way of collaborating online and offering everyone access to review and approve projects quickly?

Wouldn't you just like a more accessible system, where the running is done by it and not by you?

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A DAM combines high quality and outstanding printing performance

DALIM ES has a complete Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, developed from our printing workflow and PDF file history—and expertise. With the DALIM ES DAM, you cannot only provide yourself a central site to store and retrieve client artwork files. If you're savvy, you can offer DAM services to your clients. It's a great way to get them to rely on you—not just for print but for added benefits.

How fast can your online proofing system deliver?

DALIM SOFTWARE has developed a highly accurate FOGRA-certified color management technology. One that allows you to view your files in a color-accurate environment for printers' daily challenges. Clients can trust our high-definition previews for positioning and content checks, and proper color approvals. The highly collaborative system shares comments and suggestions online quickly—and eliminates the delivery of overnight proofs to get the job on press faster while saving money. DALIM ES can increase productivity by making it faster and easier to get approval.

Hot off the press with automated workflows!

As a printer, you need to remain competitive while contending with shorter run lengths and frequent file format errors from clients. To increase efficiency and profitability, preflighting and normalizing perhaps thousands of files per shift must be a priority. You need a production workflow engine that is robust enough and has all the tools necessary to get jobs on press quickly to reduce idle time. The DALIM ES production workflow based on DALIM TWIST technology, the first automation workflow solution created nearly 30 years ago. Suppose something has to be done to a file in prepress—from preflighting to trapping to imposition to file normalization. In that case, you can be assured that DALIM ES knows how to do it with minimal manual intervention.

Monitor your print production projects visually!

It's tough to keep profit margins at an acceptable level. DALIM ES lets you visually manage your projects' efficiency, offering a dashboard with a graphical view of projects utilizing Gantt charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). You can quickly access statistics such as rejected printed pages, current workload, and outstanding to-do tasks. You can also see where every job is in your facility.

Integrate DALIM ES into your tech stack!

Simplify and accelerate your processes by integrating DALIM ES into all your existing software:

  • Integrate the DALIM ES Online Viewer into your other print software tools for high definition, color-managed proofs.
  • Integrate DALIM ES production workflows into your RIPs. DALIM ES produces the files, and your RIP outputs them.
  • Automate data exchange with your customers and suppliers using just about any protocol type, including FTP, SFTP, HTTP, and others.
  • Ensure exceptional throughput to your digital presses and platesetters, using optimized files that are normalized within DALIM ES.
  • Why not to reduce redundant typing of job specs and provide much better job feedback to your business systems? Integrate a print data flow into your Management Information System (MIS) via our CIP4/JDF compatible API.