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ZAG – Janoschka Graphics

ZAG, located near Angouleme in southwest France, is a premedia company specializing in packaging. Subsidiary of the Janoschka Group, one of the world leaders of helio in cylinder making, ZAG provides all the process work (premedia, flexo, offset) for global luxury brands and food products. It is for this type of fast-paced and demanding work environment that DALIM SOFTWARE solutions were created.

“We were basically looking for a file preview system for our customers,” remembers Hervé Zammit, Janoschka Graphics IT manager. “There were not many possible options: another solution we looked at did not seem competitive enough to us. It required a specific software development kit (SDK) training and ultimately — sooner or later — would be replaced. The DALIM SOFTWARE alternative, offered by integrator Galilée (Folio Group), was of interest to us because its system was XML based, making it easy to interface with our ERP. With the help of Galilée, we integrated DIALOGUE 4.0 with our databases — in a matter of a few hours.”

After DIALOGUE, TWIST makes ERP dance


”Following our database development, we needed to generate more and more preview files for our ERP, iPack Grand Central,” continues Hervé Zammit. “We had to create or modify many PDF files, by customer and product. At the advice of our integrator, we decided to implement TWIST, which brought us the automation that was missing in our PDF file management. Today, four Janoschka sites in France are using this system. Aside from premedia creation, all our operators need to do is click on a button within the ERP.”

“We wanted TWIST to help us get in-house management and control of our production workflow. Galilée provided a significant part of our training.»
The primary automation lies in the cleaning of items such as non-printable colors, embossing and stamping, which interfere with the processing of PDF files. Within the workflow, we extract the layers that are of interest to us — for example, the trimming outline. In reality,” explains the IT manager for Janoschka Graphics, “we only store one high-resolution file on our server, from which we remove layers according to the workflow and our needs.”


The future: even more automation for ZAG


“The ES system’s SDK makes it possible to control DIALOGUE from Grand Central. It is the focus of our next development,” according to Hervé Zammit. “Our goal is to reduce the graphic chain as much as possible. With Grand Central, we start from taking the order, to delivering the file to the printer, by simply using a Web interface. The good thing about ES is that we will integrate all requested modifications within the workflow. We will no longer need to validate files manually within our workflow. Our customers and agencies will be able to do it directly within Grand Central.”

“From our company’s strategic point of view,” continues Hervé Zammit, “we are getting closer and closer to the food-processing industry — consisting of large multinationals that already have tools with which we can now integrate. We must be involved with the input and output of these tools, with TWIST at the heart of it all. We are in such a competitive market that in order to sell the premedia part, we need to automate the ’services’ part to its full potential.”


“These days,” considers Zammit, “the most difficult part for our operators is acquiring a greater sense of automation — get in the mind-frame that a certain manual routine could be abandoned and handled by the workflow. That understanding is still in the process of being learned, since we have only had TWIST for a year,” The IT manager concludes. “The ‘operation time’ already gained makes it possible for our collaborators to avoid wasting any more time sending emails or generating PDF files. We need to continue our efforts, so that our operators can focus even more time on the core deliverables of our business.”

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