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Key Graphic

When Philippe Teyssier joined Key Graphic at the end of 2007, he found a high-end prepress shop. The people there were highly skilled in image processing and retouching, but they used heterogeneous tools not valued enough. Enhancing the company’s resources therefore, became his priority.

Reasons for choosing DALIM SOFTWARE

“I wanted to create a portal that would integrate all our tools and standardise our offering. To do this we had to change the workßow manager with a service-based approach rather than a printer- based product,” said the new director of Key Graphic to Didier Destabeaux.
“I knew DALIM SOFTWARE and their solutions are clearly better than others in terms of functionalities: intuitive interface, possibility of “breaking” the electronic thumbnail, inserting pages, managing adverts. Their product ergonomics are aimed at users, not machines. Key Graphic’s wish is to be a digital platform, to be able to adapt to anything. It was natural to choose DALIM SOFTWARE, an independent brand and printing press publisher, with TWIST as a workflow engine and MISTRAL to develop client services.”

Key Graphic’s new offer

“We favour the ASP (Application Service Provider) model and offer access to all our tools via a user name and password from our internet portal. These tools are linked and can be accessed with just 3 clicks. For example, for digital file processing an automatic function takes the native file to TWIST and recovers it after processing. The production of files to be printed can also lead to a virtual book, with functions such as the integration of videos, URLs, contextual research, etc. We’re definitely considering DALIM VIRTUAL LIBRARY.”

Return on investment (ROI)

“We see 3 advantages in terms of services brought by MISTRAL”, analyses Philippe Teyssier.
1) The improvement of our productivity and our internal organisation: In fact, if the view of production is shared by the three parties made up of Client, Key Graphic and Printer, such transparency implies that each of them meet schedules. It is easy to see who is late.
2) The TWIST secured files no longer result in discussions regarding PDF responsibility. Therefore the printer can concentrate on his trade and the client resumes responsibility for giving the go-ahead to print, as in the pre-digital era.
3) Development of the collaborative element: We are giving up prepress to embrace other trades linked to our business, making us truly multimedia. Our ROI will be recaptured within 3 years: database, space rental (specific development); DALIM SOFTWARE workflow provides a cost per page. MISTRAL can quantify the amount of processed pages, the number of author’s corrections. As for approvals, DIALOGUE has allowed us to develop a remote printing system to print contract proofs. This doubles the benefits for the client: renting on-site printers reduces the cost per page and cuts turnaround times; moreover, the new DIALOGUE compare tool can rapidly check on screen what has changed between two versions of proofs.”“Our development perspectives are linked to ROI,” concludes Philippe Teyssier. “Being able to quantify the number of pages, author corrections, turnaround times and planning allows us to link production tools with an integrated management software package. This will enable us to automate manufacturing and production follow-up.”

An intranet portal from a second MISTRAL for Maury Group

In addition to Key Graphic, Maury Group has invested in a second MISTRAL to ensure redundancy and security between workflows. As a result, all of the Group’s plants can return their secured files to an off-site MISTRAL which creates thumbnails and tracks corrections to ensure the Group’s collaborative interface via a Web portal. This validation replaces the Ozalid stage.

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