New workflow software can improve quality, consistency of brand packaging


New workflow software can improve quality, consistency of brand packaging

Dalim Software discussed many topics at its “Lunch and Learn” event in New York City on August 23.


With media proliferating at a rapid pace, labels and packaging printers can benefit from improved workflows. Dalim Software, a supplier of modular workflow and soft proofing engines, detailed its latest product offerings and the benefits of Digital Asset Management (DAM) on August 23, 2018, at its “Lunch and Learn” event at Club 101 in New York, NY, USA.

When it comes to labels and packaging, print is the ultimate form of advertising. Whether handling a bottle of shampoo or a bottle of wine, print can help make the difference in those few seconds a customer has to decide whether or not to purchase a product.

According to Carol Werle, chief executive officer at Dalim Software, print is still an incredibly valuable tool in rising about the “noise” provided by the internet. The proper workflow can help create digital bridges throughout different levels of the supply chain. By adding structure to all of a company’s digital assets, printers can help protect brands on a global level. Design and color must be a perfect match, and the latest software solutions help ensure consistency.

“More and more retail chains will rely on our services and software to make sure that whatever lands in the store is supposed to land in the store,” explained Werle. “This preserves the brand its global distribution.”

Over the last decade, Dalim Software has experienced a 5% growth in revenue, and the labels and packaging segment has jumped to 7% of the company’s business as of 2017. With an increase in digital data and the emergence of the Internet of Things, it is important to organize and analyze a company’s media files. Dalim Software’s customers have played a pivotal role in describing what affects their prepress workflows.

“We’re trying to help our clients transition from traditional media to every media,” said Werle. “We rely on meeting with our users because they’re our influencers. That has moved us closer to the brands. We want to help users market their products through all sorts of packaging.”

Dalim Software’s goal is to drive digital content production to distribution, all while reducing costs and expanding revenue opportunities. The company’s software has to translate to smart phones and devices, and it must resonate throughout all of a company’s global facilities.

“The world is changing. Now everyone can tell a story on their mobile devices,” said Fred Sanuy, director of marketing and partner programs. “Our software has to be simple to use. The user experience and the ability to use our software, for brands and retailers, is so important.”

According to Sanuy, mobile usage is up 4%, and e-commerce is growing significantly. This means its and critical to have consistency throughout all platforms. A package on the shelf should look identical to the design and graphics displayed on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Dalim Software’s newest software, ES 5.5, features a new SFTP protocol and workflow editor. The system is easier to manage and use, as it includes a preview component, digital signature capabilities on approval or rejection, softproofing, and DAM. In addition, users can manage spot colors and measure artwork in a timely fashion, as well as handle very large files.

In keeping with the trends, automation also factors prominently in the latest DAM software. “With more and more packaging, you have to use a lot of assets and reuse content,” said Sanuy. “Part of ES 5.5 is being compliant with new market regulations. You can also easily manage content throughout different facilities throughout the world.”

The latest prepress software also includes options for personalization, an updated search engine for digital files, and advanced filters for analytics, which allows for streamlined content.

As part of the event, Sanuy also delivered a live demonstration of ES 5.5.

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