Omni Channel Experience


Omni Channel Experience

DX (digital experience) is the key to everything

The new world of customer engagement has changed during the past few years. The marketing technology ecosystem is a world where the empowered customer rules, and the demand for rich media to fuel customer experiences is high. Customers rely on the content you produce to create relevant interactions with your brand. While content is the primary milestone, rich media – like images and videos – bring value to your ad. Text is important, but rich media is unparalleled in its ability to drive customer attention and create emotional connections. A DAM (Digital Asset Management) is the first requirement for any organization wishing to organize its content and retrieve it with custom and advanced searches—now driven with learning engines. But alongside the tools and practices of understanding the audience, the efficient management and delivery of content outside an HTML page is a growing business imperative.

 File overview in DALIM ES

Do you think that a DAM can be the home of your brand? After reviewing some of the unique core features of the DALIM ES that fits your organization, we will see how we can maximize the value of your content using a custom web gate portal. Finally, we will review how the CMS (Content Management System) and WCM (Web Content Management system) is currently the answer to customer engagement across the omnichannel business process management. At the heart of the digital place the DALIM ES. It acts as a single source of truth for your marketing organization. How much time is spent by your organization retrieving assets? The DAM brings together people, processes, and data to make many essential content marketing workflows—including creative collaboration, content review and approval, brand management, version control, and license management— more streamlined and efficient. ES 5 is a robust enterprise DAM that offers benefits that span the content lifecycle from creation to management to distribution to storage, so it can help your organization master the challenges of modern content marketing.