Tailor-made solutions, powered by DALIM SOFTWARE

Today’s business consists of embracing web services and turn them into tailor made 24/7 offerings with instant turnaround and data delivery to the right person at the right time in the right file format. DALIM SOFTWARE’s SDKs and APIs allow you to build state-of-the-art portals to seamlessly connect to your business processes, driving an intelligent manufacturing engine for automated data, artwork and media processing as a self service application to your customers.


As a centralized workflow engine, TWIST automates repetitive tasks such as preflight, color management, optimization and file delivery of print ready files for all members of the production team. Its unique flexibility and scalability and the way TWIST Engine acts as the engine behind the scenes of customer facing web services, make the difference between traditional, hotfolder based workflows and a fully automated production environment, powered by TWIST.



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With the DIALOGUE Engine soft proofing server, efficiency is not only about cost and time saving. Productivity is also gained from an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, within a working environment the end user recognizes immediately as his own. As a Software Development Kit (SDK), DIALOGUE Engine is designed to be an integrative part of any existing third-party DAM or custom-designed web page. Clients simply add soft proofing capabilities to a system they already feel comfortable with.


With its sophisticated business and production management tools and Application Programming Interface (API), ES integrates with any existing third-party MIS, ERP or DAM system, bringing in additional functions such as soft proofing. For example, an asset management system can use the ES platform to define partners in the workflow, develop approval functions, set milestones, and control every aspect of media production, regardless of the final destination channel.


API/SDK case studies

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