Automated Workflows
Automate a workflow.
See results. Repeat.

Our workflows automate repetitive steps to reduce costs, ensure no steps are missed, and distribute omni-channel media fast. With fast results you gain capacity to transform more processes. That’s the key to acceleration.

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Ingest and tag high-volume files faster

Our robust Digital Asset Management system (DAM) ingests high-volume files fast, while automated workflows ensure all processing steps are complete.

  • Add meta data and tag assets automatically with no missed steps
  • See productivity and asset value go up
  • Watch reshoot and search costs drop
  • Easily identify key content and reuse it
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Collaborate through a single source of truth

Workflows let you take in any type of data volume – lush images for print, high volume for photoshoots or video, optimised for e-commerce, 3D for augmented reality – in one place quickly. That makes collaborating on omni-channel campaigns more efficient, too.

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Start smart, and make changes fast

Our innovative modular solution is astoundingly customizable across all media distribution formats.

  • Use templates to quickly start a project with all the right setups
  • Customize workflows without costly delays and big change request fees
  • Manage very complex processes with fewer resources

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Support compliance and lower risk of costly errors

Speed is a priority. But it’s not just smart, but vital to get the details right. DALIM workflows give you the tools to:

  • Secure the right approvals for the right assets at the right time
  • Manage processes with parallel workflows and dependencies
  • Ensure all steps in critical processes have been completed

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