Accelerate your digital file processing and Scale your business.

As technology becomes faster and faster and, in particular, the speed of digital presses and the breadth of personalized input graphic files become more complex, it is more difficult for printer providers to keep up. This is particularly difficult when you invest in many digital presses to keep up with business and receive more and more files through sophisticated web to print systems. The roadblock becomes the software; not the hardware.

Until DALIM DRIVE there was nothing available at this speed. DALIM DRIVE has allowed us to meet our clients’ SLAs and provided us with the platform to expand our existing business.

Alan Darling, Vice President, Information Systems,
The Quantum Group

It is quite natural for companies with digital presses to have enough experience to develop a good understanding of their presses’ various requirements and to look for “common denominators” when it gets to preparation of the data for various devices. Unfortunately, not all workflows are equal in feature sets or robustness. Many print service providers, when they ramp up their IT expertise, often learn that they need to consider different solutions and software libraries to drive and scale at ease.

DALIM DRIVE answers this.

We turned some heads within the USPS in the way we handled the Informed Delivery asset management. DALIM ES powered by DALIM DRIVE was the key tool for this portion of the workflow…. It has saved countless hours of CC desktop editing time by preflighting and normalizing our assets automatically. Over the past year we conducted more than two million actions on more than 135,000 assets.

Caroll Schiley, Director, Production Technology Applications,
IWCO Direct

At a glance

In today’s fast-paced world of on-demand printing and tight deadlines, print service providers like you are facing immense  challenges. You are under pressure to:

  • Deliver large volumes of print on demand,
  • With more deliverables, file formats, versions and deadlines,
  • While dealing with packaging personalization,
  • And guaranteeing quick turnarounds without mistakes or added costs

Join our world of Microservices

DALIM SOFTWARE has its legacy in digitizing complex print content. This heritage has enabled DALIM TWIST to become the most versatile application to automate production workflows. It features rock solid, proven solutions–from industry-leading preflight and file normalization to advanced trapping, file conversion, comparaison and even automated file transmission.

Now, over the years, we have sent almost everything–business cards, posters, letterheads, envelopes, etc.–to the trapping engine. There may be about 30,000-40,000 jobs a day–or we may have 20,000 jobs a day that include magazines with 60-100 pages. We trap every page through the DALIM DRIVE trapping tool.

Marcel Troll, Manager, Head of Department IT, Software Development,

Merging premedia services from any modern print service provider into a limitless scalable service, DALIM DRIVE gathers the unique capabilities of DALIM TWIST to match your requirements, broken down to any number of micro tasks. There are more than 100 tools available, so the choice is yours! API driven, it can be massively parallelized across any cloud or on-premises infrastructure to guarantee the continuous feeding of variable data to both the pressroom and web/online services.

If you are happy with your existing workflow, but you need to add a specific feature or piece of functionality that it does not offer, then DALIM DRIVE is your solution. API first, micro service based, highly efficient and scalable prepress functionality to meet the demanding needs of the high volume, high speed digital press environments of today and tomorrow.

DALIM DRIVE makes sure that issues get fixed before they create a problem. And, it also features a distributed, search and analytics engine capable of addressing practically any informational need for fine‑tuned statistics, tracking queries and self-explaining reporting. In other words, you know how well DALIM DRIVE is working, and have ideas to make it even more efficient.

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