Project Mapping

Plan, execute, measure, repeat & apply

Spend less time creating Gantt charts or updating task lists— and invest more time in tasks that really make a difference creating high-quality work. A remarkable highlight is the symbiosis between the power of automated workflows, traceable milestones and a comprehensive real time Gantt chart.

Unify your stakeholders, organise skills, map your tasks, and monitor progress. Measure your campaign’s performance and continually improve the way you work.

ES Task
  • Task-Milestones
  • Gantt charts visualization
  • Calendars
  • Kanban dashboards
  • User delegation
  • Automatic schedules
  • Dynamic workflow creation

API-first Custom Desktop UI

Revolutionary workflow interaction with ES desktops

DALIM ES 6 is easier and faster to use. With the new DALIM ES 6 user interface, you can operate the new intuitive presets, or customize your own ways to run DALIM ES 6.

  • Individual user experiences
  • Interface modification with simple clicks
  • New intuitive presets
  • Quick deployment
  • Simple CSS/JS customization

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State of the Art Online Proofing

Check every detail, everywhere, every time!

With DALIM ES 6, collaboration is more intuitive than ever, with personalized shortcuts and different font styles to clarify annotations. Workflows and communications surrounding DALIM ES 6 are even faster. With new technical improvements, such as faster 3D rendering and automated cover detection for PDF pages, DALIM ES 6 continues to provide users exceptional color-accurate proofing.

  • Website annotations
  • Websites comparisons
  • Video subtitles
  • Improved new 3D render engine
  • Cover detection
  • Display of up to 16 documents
  • Viewing page spread
  • Font styles
  • Shortcut manager
  • Enabling remote online press approvals

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The “Workflow first” DAM Solution

Integrate, automate, collaborate

With the new release of DALIM ES 6, DAM capabilities have reached a new level of reliability and ease-of-use. Transform assets easier than ever in the browser, share documents as a virtual book or create contact sheets. The improved interface makes it even more efficient to manage revisions, and produce assets during check-ins and check-outs.

  • WebDAV access
  • Check-in/check-out
  • New image conversions
  • Contact sheet creation
  • Sharing as a virtual book
  • Intuitive revision handling
  • More standard interface designs to choose from

ES Task

API-Driven Job Ticketing

Metadata has never been easier to reach

A job ticket must be simple to use and understand. With DALIM ES 6, it’s never been easier. Everyone can customize their own job tickets with a simple WYSIWYG editor, while making it seamless to access content metadata.

  • ERP ready API makes online project monitoring a corporate-wide single source of truth
  • Brand new WYSIWYG editor
  • New rule editor
  • Job tickets can now be placed in the side panel
  • Improved plug-in component

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Collaborative Technology at its Best

The most advanced release of DALIM ES

A production workflow is only as valuable as its supporting technologies. DALIM ES 6 has a number of background elements—such as updated revision, notification, metadata and log tools—that make it even more reliable and effective.

  • Revision management
  • Revisions in flatplan
  • User contingents
  • System event logs
  • Extensive metadata analysis
  • Updated notification engine
  • Real-time notification monitoring

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And many more…

Improving user experience and software administration

  • Timeouts in workflows
  • SFTP & FTPS as output channels
  • Improved compatibility with AWS
  • Elasticsearch 6* included
  • More performant KPIs
  • Multiple Layouts on Milestones
  • ES DIALOGUE SDK as part of DALIM ES 6
  • Project Template Management
  • Thesaurus
  • More Integrations
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