Change is certain. Lasting ROI can be too.

We designed our software differently from the start, so it can change with your processes and needs. It’s modular for you to be able to start small.

It provides tools to re-design even complex marketing workflows yourself. And you can easily integrate other creative operation processes and new technologies to scale seamlessly.

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APIs for quick ideation

Our marketing workflow solutions are engineered to ensure the best possible integration within existing environments through their comprehensive APIs. They allow forward-thinking service providers, brands and retailers to accelerate creative operations and remove even more time between ideation and going to market.

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Built to grow as you do

Our modular, scalable solution lets you choose the module that addresses your most critical issues first, and see improvements quickly with each new implementation. 

  • Quick initial gains allow you to win capacity for more transformation
  • See ROI with each module
  • Select more modules for more speed as your business evolves

Choose what suits you best: SAAS, on premise or a hybrid cloud solution.

Evolving with new technologies

The DALIM SOFTWARE platform is built to evolve with modern marketing technology. We develop this further through:

  • Integrations with influential providers like CHILI Publisher and Adobe Suite
  • Connections with other platforms enhancing the Martech mix including content marketing, DAM, CRM and PIM
  • Integration with technologies of growing importance like AR, AI and video
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