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DIALOGUE Touch - approval anytime, anywhere

In a 24/7 business like media and graphic communications, availability of services anywhere and any time through mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. Tighter production schedules and faster time-to-market require swift reactions and decisions that just cannot wait until the next day — or the next time you or your clients get access to a computer while traveling.

Mobile Approval

DIALOGUE Touch is the mobile client for ES – DALIM SOFTWARE´s streamlined online environment to produce, manage, transform and share digital content – and enables approval over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection from practically anywhere. It enables you to communicate with your users like never before, increasing overall efficiency.


With its intuitive user interface, registered users can easily navigate through projects that require feedback. Selecting a document to open lets users view a high-resolution stream, zoom, annotate and measure densities for approval or rejection.

DIALOGUE Touch enables ES users to participate in the most complex approval cycles and comment on content and layout of project files on an Apple iPad or Apple iPhone, regardless of time zone or geographic location.


Screenshots of the iPad Version

телевизор hdmiпрофессиональный макияж в домашних условиях видео