Online Proofing & Best-in-Class Approvals
How can you increase turnaround time?
Speed up your online proofing.

92% of marketers say the biggest reason for missed deadlines are approval delays.*

With DALIM ES workflows  you will quickly eliminate extra steps and email chaos. The result will be accelerated, collaborative progress even for complex, visually-rich campaigns.

* The $958 Million Marketing Problem, Kapost 2015
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Online Proofing

What is proofing?

Online Proofing software digitalises approval processes, shares and organizes your daily collaboration in a central location. It amplifies the benefits you receive from creative files such as images, videos and other media. Ultimately, Online Proofing is a solution to a company’s content communication to suppliers and its clients.

Review and Proof

With our Online Proofing Service, you can create highly efficient workflows that speed up approval cycles.

  • Review, color proof and approve with ease
  • Works with any rich media: images, videos, layouts, web pages, product revisions, packaging, catalogs, even AR files
  • Include all stakeholders with no email chaos
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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pairing with DAM tool (or one of your own) so all of your digital assets will be in one place fostering an easy collaboration. Annotate, add comments, and request changes in the document for all to see. Include external stakeholders. Mark-up via mobile devices. Then move to the next step in the cycle automatically.

  • Collaborate easily, via mobile, and always with the right version.
  • Annotate, validate, add comments, and request changes in the document for all to see.
  • Move to the next step in the cycle automatically – no waiting!
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For who is Online Proofing?

Who benefits from proofing software?

By introducing an online proofing system, the review and approval processes become much more streamlined and accurate. A good online proofing system will automatically notify those involved in the chain that a document is ready for review.

Working from a browser-based system, change requests can be viewed on a collaborative basis, in real time. Comments can even be made directly on the creative document under review. The system will not let the project move forward until everyone has responded and/or signed off. This collected data also assures that compliance with regulatory agencies is accurate, and easy to prepare.

High Resolution Viewer

Through our High Resolution Viewer you can quickly tag favorites, or zoom-in (to pixel-level!) to select and approve the proper images the first time.

  • Tag, zoom-to-pixel, and select with unmatched accuracy and speed
  • Enjoy the fastest in the industry! Don’t lose time waiting for images to load!
  • HTML-5 based code lets you can manage virtually any type easily and quickly
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Virtual Compare

With Virtual Compare even the smallest alterations are easy to detect, review, approve, archive and search.

  • Use the side-by-side view for a quick check
  • Zoom in to pixel level with the Automatic Difference Overlay to catch the slightest change
  • Compare and approve regional versions quickly and accurately
  • Save time in the future and support compliance with version archive and search functions
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The Best Softproofing in the industry!

Developed for high fashion print and verified by Fogra Institute, our highly accurate color rendering gives you the right color, every time, in every media format.

  • Skip extra revision loops to shorten approval cycles and get to market faster
  • Cut costs for retouching with accurate product color
  • Ensure color-true brand consistency across all media
  • Accelerate your prepress with industry-leading solutions
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