Press Release 06/12/2016


DALIM SOFTWARE and Silicon Publishing announce partnership

Users of DALIM ES will be able to link to content directly from Adobe Creative Cloud applications

DALIM SOFTWARE (, makers of highly efficient, scalable software solutions for the creation, production and management of cross-media content, and Silicon Publishing (SPI), the leader in automating web-to-print with Adobe technology, announce a partnership that has brought Silicon Connector technology, known as the best way to connect InDesign to DAMs, to DALIM ES. DALIM ES is an integrated media production platform, offering a complete solution – including a comprehensive asset management system – for the management and production of many aspects of media services, regardless of final output.

Silicon ES Connector for Adobe Creative Cloud is a powerful extension to Adobe technology that enables direct linking from InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to DALIM ES 5. Rather than creating copies of assets, Connector allows ES 5 to serve as the sole system of record. For InDesign, ES Connector offers unique low-level linking to multiple assets in the digital asset manager (DAM). When an asset changes, the user is alerted and the asset is automatically updated to the latest version. With Photoshop and Illustrator, single assets can be checked out, updated, and checked back into ES.


The new ES Connector supports end-to-end creative processes. Features include:

  • A comprehensive suite of in-app controls for InDesign. Users can preview, place, and update DAM-resident assets, all without leaving the application.
  • ES Connector creates links, not copies. This means no more duplicating images or packaging entire projects just to share with others. File transfers are reduced to a fraction of their former size.
  • Automatic in-app notifications: the entire team can stay current with the latest updates to every linked asset.
  • Quick high-res/low-res toggling to accelerate image-centric workflows and generate faster previews.
  • Rich metadata searches that help users quickly find and link to the correct assets.
  • Revisions management within ES.

Linking directly to cloud-based assets is a liberating experience for design shops reliant upon collaborative authoring, especially when designers do not share the same network. It is quite common for agencies and other organizations to work with freelance designers on InDesign projects, which normally means packaging all related assets. With ES Connector, users are no longer forced to download files, link to local copies, or resort to cumbersome packaging, uploading, and re-linking when they want to share or update InDesign documents. Instead, they just distribute the InDesign file, and leave the assets on the DAM or Cloud. The availability of a single, secure, central source of assets saves huge amounts of time, while dramatically reducing redundant assets and the consequent risk of error.


“Silicon Publishing offers some powerful solutions that truly extend the use of DALIM ES, and ES Connector has an enormous impact on productivity for publishing and creative workflows. It can easily be expanded with custom features, or integrated with other products from Silicon Publishing or DALIM SOFTWARE partners,” explains Carol Werlé, CEO, DALIM SOFTWARE. “Users of our systems will really appreciate the amount of time they will save with a direct link to assets, such as images, from Adobe Creative Cloud applications.”

“Most of us at Silicon Publishing go back decades in the print industry, and have encountered DALIM SOFTWARE’s technology often in the context of client implementations. We believe that a formal partnership between our two companies will certainly help our own customers, and hopefully introduce us to a new set of customers who can benefit from a direct link to Adobe applications,” comments Max Dunn, Silicon Publishing CEO. “The is a relationship where everyone wins.”

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