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Whether you are the brand owner or the retailer, probably with multiple locations all over the globe to deal with, the efficiency of your communication resides in the way you create, manage and share your product related messages and visuals with the actors of your marketing supply chain.

In retail it’s all about “time to market”, and while the online world is moving in close to real time, a lot of us still fight the old same battle of trying to get everybody on the same page with briefs, e-mails, conference calls and document shipments.
Getting SKUs in the shelves of a superstore on time, producing a catalog in multiple languages or ensuring a uniform and controlled use of your brand identity, the classic communication often fails as soon as the human factor gets involved. How many hours can be lost because the person out of the office is the one with this document sitting in his/her mailbox, waiting for approval?


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ES enables organized centralizing and production of marketing assets, either used internally hosted or outsourced to skilled and talented service providers, with the awareness of organization structures, groups and roles (such as legal, creative, production, marketing, etc.). Featuring simple and efficient XML-based interfacing to corporate systems, ES can integrate within any environment and enable the automated manufacturing and delivery of digital material to the right group of users at the right time. The user friendly web front end of ES ensures a location independent navigation of any kind of marketing assets without unnecessary duplication, all from a centralized individualized portal.


DIALOGUE Touch is the seamless link to your ES production system while out and about. The unique pixel streaming technology enables users of your organization to stay connected with current projects from their Apple iPhone and iPad devices and offers full approval features incl. annotations, zooming, single separation view, density readings and more, regardless of time of day or geographic location.


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Specifically designed to be implemented into already existing Digital Asset Management systems, MIS or brand communication platforms, DIALOGUE Engine adds color accurate viewing (Fogra and SWOP certified) and communication services to high resolution files and enables document sharing without actual file transfer.


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As a centralized workflow engine, TWIST automates repetitive tasks such as preflight, color management, optimization and file delivery of print ready files for all members of the production team. Its unique flexibility and scaleability and the way TWIST can act as the engine behind the scenes of customer facing web services, make the difference between traditional, hotfolder based workflows and a fully automated production environment, powered by TWIST.


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