Commercial Printers

More than just ink on paper

Commercial Printing is a hard work and in a digital world it is no longer only about putting ink on paper. Lucky you, if 50% of your clients are bringing recurring business, so it is time to think of turning your business relationship with clients into a unique set of advanced automated services. Services your traditional consumable and hardware vendors might not be able to supply.

Let us take a guess. Most of your clients probably send their data as PDFs, you have embraced digital printing, thinking of variable content and maybe some of your clients clear their proofs digitally? You may even have an IT task force which has gotten you some fancy web portal. And sometimes you actually wonder whether your business is about printing or IT. And where will it be in 3 years?


Success Stories for Commercial Printers

Consulting Services

We focus on the productivity and profitability of our customers, not on their plate and consumable deals. With DALIM SOFTWARE´s IT-centric approach to collaborative solutions for media content in a modular structure you will improve efficiency and reduce cost. Fully customizable interfaces with “best of class” integration into your customer facing applications and connect seamlessly to your business processes. And DALIM SOFTWARE´s platform solutions offer a robust architecture to grow your business environment with your customers. Such global media networking efficiency ensure a sustainable competitive edge.


Customer Service


Enable and facilitate delivery, tracking, and approval of your customer’s projects with ES. Combined with TWIST, files arrive only after a thorough preflight check and go through all the stages of your internal processes, all linked to deadlines and your business procedures to anticipate delays and reallocate resources if necessary.


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As a centralized workflow engine, TWIST automates repetitive tasks such as preflight, color management, optimization and creation of print ready files based on client and your specifications. Its unique flexibility and scalability and the way TWIST can act as the engine behind the scenes of customer facing web services, make the difference between traditional, hotfolder based workflows and a fully automated production environment, powered by TWIST.


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Integrated in ES or as a standalone solution DIALOGUE Engine adds color accurate viewing and communication services to high resolution files and enables document sharing without actual file transfer. With its Fogra- and SWOP-certification and the same Adobe® PDF Print Engine rendering technology as most output devices, DIALOGUE Engine can eliminate the need for costly hardcopy proofs at the press.


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