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You create, we manage

Whether you are the creative in your agency, a photographer or just about any kind of Creative Professional who deals with visual material, the way and the speed you produce, manage and share your work with your clients is going to say as much about you as your artwork.

You face the daily challenge to get the right file to the right person at the right time and spend hours resizing files so the low resolution can be used for approval without “giving away the farm”. And the mix of briefing documents, first drafts and final production files easily become a clutter of folders and file formats. You wish someone could keep track of all those versions and revisions for you. Not to mention the file transfer battlefield with all its protocols, restrictions and client applications that nobody wants to deal with.


Success Stories for Creative Professionals


Mapping your client’s organization, corporate identity and roles in ES, will enable an instant, secure and controlled access to your shared digital assets. Those settings will make every submission of briefing documents, artwork, photographs or final production file instantly available which can be viewed, annotated, or, depending on the privileges given, even transformed or downloaded by a simple click on an hyperlink within a personalized e-mail or through a user friendly web interface.

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As a centralized workflow server, TWIST automates repetitive tasks such as file delivery of print ready files for all members of the production team. With its sophisticated preflight engine, compliant to the current Ghent PDF Workgroup guidelines (and more), all artwork sent will 100% match the requirements of the market segment of the final output. Using existing XMP metadata decreases the amount of manual intervention and streamlines the creation of a wide variety of file types and much more.

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Specifically designed to be implemented into already existing Digital Asset Management systems, MIS or brand communication platforms, DIALOGUE Engine adds color accurate viewing and communication services to high resolution files and enables document sharing without actual file transfer.


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