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Shorter time-to-market is the key for brands, retailers and all participants of the process chain for the introduction of new products. While this means pure speed, more predictable schedules, or reducing overhead costs and increasing the flexibility to make changes, keeping all contributors of the business workflow in the loop is an essential part of the process.

Creating and transforming design drafts into digital artwork and print-ready files is part of your daily work. Always taking the unique specifications of various printers and substrates into account. Plus the unique requirements in communicating with the creatives, sales and marketing or the legal department, sharing all necessary information with the right person at the right time, keeping track of all changes and revisions.


Success Stories for Labels & Packaging


Manage the complete flow of information and data from first design brief to final output on ES’ robust and scaleable web platform. Map your business processes with individual milestones to combine complex approval cycles and job tracking. Custom Job Tickets collect and carry all relevant project and file information and are stored in the ES database. By adding DIALOGUE Engine, visual inspection and approval of packaging-centric attributes such as opaque inks, printing sequence, PDF layers to manage language changes or warning texts is an integrated step in the approval process.

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DIALOGUE Touch is the seamless link to your ES production system while out and about. The unique pixel streaming technology enables your clients to stay connected with current projects from their Apple iPhone and iPad devices and offers full approval features incl. annotations, zooming, single separation view, density readings and more, regardless of time of day or geographic location.


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As a centralized workflow engine, TWIST automates repetitive tasks such as preflight, adding decorations, optimization and file delivery of print ready files for all members of the production team. Its unique flexibility and scaleability and the way TWIST can act as the engine behind the scenes of customer facing web services, make the difference between traditional, hotfolder based workflows and a fully automated production environment, powered by TWIST.


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Specifically designed to be implemented into already existing Digital Asset Management systems, MIS or brand communication platforms, DIALOGUE Engine adds color accurate viewing (Fogra and SWOP certified) and communication services to high resolution files and enables document sharing without actual file transfer.


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