Publication Printers

More than just ink on paper

As printing is not anymore solely about print, plates or cylinders and paper, the relationship with all levels of your client’s organization becomes essential to the longevity of your business with them.
While the amount of pages to process increases, margins decrease and manual work needs be reduced to a minimum, the expectation of clients constantly increases.

“Not all pages are created equal”. Advertising pages problems in particular can reserve costly surprises if not identified early enough in the process. Unless prepared thoughtfully, the pages processed in a printing plant could prove unusable for other media channels. As a result, a media company today is likely to choose the one as print service provider that will best help to eliminate duplication of the efforts to get its content right for every platform.


Success Stories for Publication Printers


Enable and facilitate delivery, tracking, and approval of your customer’s projects with ES. Combined with TWIST, files arrive only after a thorough preflight check and go through all the stages of your internal processes, all linked to deadlines and your business procedures to anticipate delays and reallocate resources if necessary.


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As a centralized workflow engine, TWIST automates repetitive tasks such as preflight, color management, optimization and file delivery of print ready files, individually to the specs of each title. With its sophisticated preflight engine, compliant to the current Ghent PDF Workgroup guidelines (and more), combined with the integrated reliability of the Adobe® PDF Print Engine, all artwork will be checked to the standards your clients expect.


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Integrated in ES or as a standalone solution DIALOGUE Engine adds color accurate viewing and communication services to high resolution files and enables document sharing without actual file transfer. With its Fogra- and SWOP-certification and the same Adobe® PDF Print Engine rendering technology as most output devices, DIALOGUE Engine can eliminate the need for costly hardcopy proofs at the press.


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