How brands can control packaging and marketing together


How brands can control packaging and marketing together


Finding the smartest solution for BRANDS to manage the packaging process and publish content


In today’s product development environment, products — and the technologies they’re based on — change rapidly, as do competitive products. Finding ways to optimize time-to-market is a critical component that directly affects revenue.

Companies need a solution to manage all activities — in-house or externally — to coordinate everything from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localization and versioning to ensure efficiency.

1 – Organize, edit and share all the content of your brand assets
2 – Manage your marketing campaign as a whole (including packaging)
3 – Personalize your packaging on-line
4 – Smart Packaging for a new user engagement
5 – Management of 3D and Augmented Reality
6 – Measure your ROI and performance with advanced KPIs

Over the last few years, managing packaging activities has never been so challenging for most companies. Packaging has always been everywhere, and follows a new user experience.

Alongside the increasing number of SKUs and images, whoever you are, brand, design agency or producer, processes are more advanced than ever, and all content must be able to be published on mobile and managed from a Content Management System (CMS) for online shopping.

Companies need to face these challenges using a flexible, smart and easy packaging solution to engage new users, but with a costeffective ROI.

The packaging development experience is being driven by globalization and the need for speed and efficiency.

Engaging new young consumers is key for the Brand Owners, who are putting a lot of effort into design and technology through all available communication channels.

At every level of the customer experience, it is important to create the most impactful packaging to protect the product and the brand.

Brands are driven by these motivations:
– Design of the packaging
– Brand consistency
– The roles of ‘brick and mortar’ and online shopping
– Online personalized packaging
– Introducing new experiences with Smart Packaging
– Creating brand loyalty with special editions, new sizes, new designs

It is important to keep in mind these three points to maximize the ROI for the brand:
– Competitive markets
– Creating it right, the first time
– Improving ‘Time-to-Market’ equals making more with less


Packaging is the first medium of communication — it is the only asset the consumer will ever hold for sure. Thus, it is key for brands to actively engage the consumer with the product packaging.

According to the first ‘Moment of Truth’, the primary opportunity is right on the shelf where more than 80% of decisions are made.

Consumers make quick decisions. In their 17 minutes walking the aisles, they spend only 3 minutes buying 15 products, leaving 12 seconds to choose the right product.

Despite most consumers claiming they know what they want to buy, surprisingly almost 20% impulsively purchase products in categories they had no intention of buying from before entering the store.

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