Adare Group Ltd.


Adare Group Ltd.

Adare, the global marketing communications provider, has invested in a high-performance JDF-enabled, online workflow and production management system to manage the entire packaging supply chain for its leading food retailer customers.

Supplied and installed by its UK integrator, the new streamlined packaging production and approval system integrates TWIST, DIALOGUE Engine and MISTRAL into a fully JDF-enabled, web-based production management system.The software links to Adare’s existing Prism WIN MIS system, Esko Graphics Creative Suite for packaging design and Xinet asset management system to produce a streamlined packaging production and approval service.

The UK integrator provided Adare with the DALIM SOFTWARE and Xinet components, JDF integration and installation. Hosted offsite and co-located to enable online use by the whole group the system is not constrained by bandwidth and provides a high-level of security, redundancy and resiliency.

Among its range of services, Adare has created a unique packaging proposition by managing the full packaging supply chain. Its solutions-led approach is helping many leading food retailers change the way they think about designing and sourcing their packaging. The new scalable, interactive and editable system allows clients to approve and track work. Average time to market in the industry is typically four months with 20-30 production steps for packaging applications. As a result of its investment, Adare can now reduce this dramatically.

Adare works with blue chip clients and some of the world’s best known brands, including Waitrose. Technology allows the company to streamline production to deliver high levels of efficiency and savings. “Our clients are starting to look at the intelligence behind the commodity: the ability to handle data properly and the innovation we bring to their products and their business,” explains Steve Balderson, Digital Solutions Director. “Savings are a given we’re interested in unseen costs, the process costs, the environmental costs, not just the commodity costs.”

“As a forward thinking communications group, Adare is pushing the boundaries of production flexibility and capability which has led it to invest in the best technology,” says Stéphane Georges, Product Manager DALIM SOFTWARE. “Adare has a clear vision of what it wants to offer: a complete solution providing live production and real time approval.”

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