Making Marketing Flow

arizona_2Arizona is the largest cross-media services provider in Brazil and Latin America, employing a team of more than 300 professionals with headquarters in Sao Paulo, and branches in Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has been recognized as one of the 20 most innovative companies in Latin America by NBC Universal.

The company provides solutions and services for brands and agencies such as Carrefour, Coca-Cola, Santander, Mitsubishi, Natura, McCann Erickson, Publicis and Dentsu, among others, keeping an accelerated pace of growth during the last two decades. In spite of its origins as a litho printer, Arizona quickly evolved into premedia services, developing its own digital asset management (DAM) system and related technologies.

Arizona has been a loyal client of DALIM SOFTWARE solutions for many years, with several TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine servers installed at the main office and satellite installations at customer premises. More recently, the company made DALIM ES available for its catalog clients, allowing for collaboration between multiple stakeholders in Latin America.

  • Flatplan collaboration and approval has been much appreciated by ES users, who submit an average of 1,000 files every week to be collaborated on.
  • Most jobs on ES are consumer product catalogs, localized for multiple regions in Latin America, with several approval steps which are easily configured in ES
  • Approvals to large, multi-language catalogs are managed by DALIM ES.
  • Color management capabilities of the DALIM ES approval tool are put to good use on cosmetics catalogs, where color-accurate product shots as well as catalog page content are critical to successful approvals.

”Our clients do appreciate the convenience of browsing through the virtual book for an overview of the publication, as well as being able to collaborate on minute details from the HTML5 viewer.” – Clovis Castanho, Director of Operations.

Arizona has an in-house software development team, creating technology solutions that could not be otherwise acquired on the market, such as its BPM (business process management) module, leveraged by its own DAM (digital asset management system) and comprised of the Visto platform.

Within Visto, it is possible to model and manage very complex business processes that may require integration to legacy and external systems, such as MIS, e-commerce or manufacturing systems.

As some business process tasks may require collaboration with digital assets, Arizona chose DIALOGUE Engine as a collaboration tool. It has been integrated into the BPM engine and is to the user within configurable HTML5 interfaces.

The following screenshots depict the DAM interface with a list of assets to be collaborated on, within multiple business processes:


Upon a collaboration request, an HTML5 interface with custom fields and actions buttons is loaded up with DIALOGUE Engine, and the requested file available for corrections / markups.

Collaboration actions trigger new tasks that are modeled into flexible BPM workflows. Once approved, files are usually imported into the Visto DAM, along with the metadata that may come from the process variables for indexing and further repurposing.

Arizona also uses DALIM SOFTWARE tools to improve its internal productivity, linking its proprietary production DAM/workflow (arizona.flow) system to TWIST servers for file conversion and multiple on-demand processing queues. Signaling functions are performed by TCL scripts within TWIST workflows that use arizona.flow API RESTful services.