August Faller KG


August Faller KG – Flexibility and safety for packaging goods production

With 930 employees at 5 European sites, August Faller KG (based in Waldkirch near Freiburg, Germany) is one of Europe’s leading packaging goods producers for the pharmaceutical sector. As a system supplier, alongside folding boxes, the company offers pack inserts, adhesive labels, combined products and packaging services. The complex requirements required a highly flexible and reliable production workflow, created by combining various solutions, including applications from DALIM SOFTWARE.
August Faller KG is using a custom-made solution across all its sites which has been developed together with Hybrid Software. With their help, the integration of ERP system Boxsoft was implemented into prepress processes and automated workflows, including the TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine software from DALIM SOFTWARE. In this process, the entire workflow is organised from customer data input with preflight, to job processing, layout with soft proof, through to printing plate production. Faller therefore decided in favour of a process-oriented solution that is highly flexible because it networks multiple workflow components – including from different manufacturers. Depending on the requirement, Hybrid Software provides all the job information and print files required for the job in question and integrates the processing of this information into one interface.

From tool to automation

Faller began the project of integrating pre-press into the central business processes around two years ago. At that time, process specifications were developed that laid out what the optimum pre-press workflow should look like. Christian Hacker, Head of the Integration Project at Faller: “We had been thinking about how we want to run our production in future, and to this end we analysed our process. We checked which tools represent the ideal basis for the process and those tools we already had. The objective was a central, pre-press management system in operation across all sites and including print data management with an automated preflight process following receipt of the customer data, which can then be used for production with as much automation as possible through to output of the printing plates. After we had tested various offerings available on the market, the solution from Hybrid Software came under scrutiny and we discovered it could meet all our requirements. We also decided in favour of the TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine modules from DALIM SOFTWARE to implement several work steps in our workflow. We are convinced that these are the right tools for our requirements. The highly developed technology, simple operation and stability of the DALIM components won us over.”


Ready for future growth

August Faller KG therefore replaced various individual solutions at their sites, thus creating a system with consistent and flexible combination options that will also be simple to expand in the future. Christian Hacker: “With the solution we have installed, we are able both to implement the optimum, streamlined production process and we are also ready for growth and above all for cross-site production with clear process control.”

Flexibility and safety

One of the advantages of the new system is the option to use the DIALOGUE Engine to make the approval process much simpler and faster both internally and for customers. DIALOGUE Engine is currently being used primarily for the internal production approval process in pre-press because Faller – as a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry – is a producer and internal approval processes need to be taken into account, but according to Christian Hacker: “… once we have made our internal processes more stable, we will continue integrating our customers into the online approval process and thus be able to meet their requirements even better and even faster. Safety is top priority, particularly when working with customers from the pharmaceutical sector. A stable system with the integration of very well functioning tools such as TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine from DALIM SOFTWARE will support us here in the future.”