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Burda Druck GmbH – Optimises and automates for a successful future

Burda Druck GmbH, with production sites in Offenburg and Nuremberg in Germany, and Vieux-Thann in France, is one of Europe’s most experienced and powerful gravure companies. A variety of projects, jobs and customers, numerous catalogues and publications that increasingly need to be produced in time-critical situations, require the optimal workflow, however. For this reason, at the end of 2010 the company began a project to replace its internal workflow and to analyse the areas which could be optimised to save time and costs. The initial implementation of various solutions from DALIM SOFTWARE began at the end of 2011. With ES Enterprise Solutions, TWIST and the DIALOGUE Engine for the individual sites and corresponding data lines between the headquarters in Offenburg and the Nuremberg site and the Vieux-Thann site in France, Burda optimised the production workflow and the soft proof options in particular.

Perfect data handling


The ES workflow system is used predominantly in three different areas. These are: Prepress, Press and Customer Service. Central data management is located in Offenburg. Both the Vieux-Thann and Nuremberg sites are automatically supplied with the necessary data from Offenburg.

A key feature is communication with all areas and sites using the ES system. Using ES, all relevant interest groups are informed promptly and individually of the various statuses of a print product so that they can intervene as necessary or validate an appropriate workflow section.

Particular attention is paid here to quality assurance using the DIALOGUE Engine. All web presses at the various printing sites have been equipped with a soft proof client that is checked at regular intervals in terms of colour fidelity for qualified quality assurance, and calibrated where necessary. There are also other soft proof and data management clients at the various printing sites and their different areas, and these are required for daily operations. This makes a total of 26 workstations for all three printing sites.

The solutions from DALIM SOFTWARE have created a standardised and consistent production workflow that covers the following points and more:

  • Acceptance of customer data, for example from publishing houses or agencies, in the form of data delivered offline or online.
  • Transfer of the data into a production database
  • Creation and preparation of gravure data
  • Provision of colour-accurate printing data on the monitor

In this situation, ES Enterprise Solutions is the virtual “hub” responsible both for creating digital content, managing that content, and for communication. To achieve this, ES integrates both the solutions from DALIM SOFTWARE, at Burda TWIST and DIALOGUE Engine, as well as solutions from third-party providers such as GMG Color Server that are also networked into the system.

Significant potential for optimisation

Burda Druck greatly values the high level of flexibility of the individual components and the free configurability of the modules in particular when working with DALIM SOFTWARE: Naturally the system requires processing expertise in line with this professional brand. In collaboration with the engineers at DALIM SOFTWARE, a variety of workstations have already been installed and the software configured as required for Burda Druck’s requirements. This has created a very high level of automation within the production workflow that achieves high potential for savings, especially with repeating jobs or projects. The employees can concentrate on optimal quality and are largely freed of highly time-consuming additional tasks.

A safe approach for the future

Now that the system at Burda Druck has been in practical use for over a year, a positive result has been achieved overall. This can also be traced back to the many years of collaboration between Burda Druck and DALIM SOFTWARE. Individual requests and suggestions are optimally incorporated and implemented by Support. The current system ensures optimal networking with all areas and sites, producing streamlined and effective production paths. The soft proof options in particular save a significant amount of time and costs. The next objectives are the integration of external customers into a largely homogeneous production workflow and the implementation of ES 4 in 2014.