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Print industry titan Cenveo ramps up softproofing options with ES 4

For industry titan Cenveo, being a leading global provider of print and related resources requires the ability to deliver best-in-class solutions while ensuring it meets customer requirements on a daily basis.

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Cenveo, Inc. serves the label and packaging, commercial print, envelopes, content management, and publishing sectors. The company provides its customers with a one-stop offering, including services ranging from design and content management to fulfillment and distribution. Its more than two-dozen entities in over 100 facilities across the U.S., as well as manufacturing operations in Asia, South America, and Central America, serve more than 100,000 customers across a breadth of industries.

For the past two years, Cenveo West, the company’s subsidiary in Costa Mesa, California, has been runningDALIM SOFTWARE’s ES 4 technology with the DIALOGUE Engine module for centralized collaboration and softproofing for one of its clients, explains Toshi Hashimoto, who handles workflow automation, digital asset management, and web portal and server maintenance for Cenveo West.


The facility, which mostly does commercial printing for Cenveo’s client base, implemented ES at the request of a customer, a top tier ad agency. They had a lot of experience with working with ES – particularly with all its functionality. The agency preferred ES’s interface, and wasn’t happy with having to run Java to engage the other softproofing technology that Cenveo offered. Not only does DALIM SOFTWARE’s ES not rely on Java; it offers an intuitive and responsive user interface in a standard web browser. Basically, the agency gave Cenveo the option of picking them up as a good piece of business with ES – or not, without ES.

ES 4 gives users the ability to mark up, annotate, compare, and approve high-resolution files more quickly and easily, without the need for plug-ins. Also, this latest version of the technology features SmartView technology, which can be easily customized to make a selection simple. For example, users can display the entire preview with the photographer’s customized ‘skin’, along with some key metadata and features at the bottom—such as download, dialogue view, and share.

IO Integration was asked to implement the system. It was decided that they would install the system at an outside hosting service. IO Integration worked with the external hosting service, outlining the hardware requirements and creating scripts for an operating system-level install at the third party environment.

The system has been running for more than two years, functioning as a standalone workflow, separate from the one used by Cenveo West’s commercial print process. “ES is so much easier to use,” says Hashimoto.“The interface is user friendly. SmartView is very responsive. When I move to different areas, it is very quick, which I really like.”

The ad agency team leader oversees the development and proofing of his company’s digital files, uploading images, along with instructions detailing which location(s) to send them to. “Then we show the first round of image edits and updates, and continue to do so for each subsequent review round,” Hashimoto explains.

With ES, all comments, change requests, and annotations are recorded and stored in a centralized database, helping to avoid the typical data communication issues and subsequent finger pointing.

While the process involves more than a single-step approval, the agency’s team leader owns the ability to approve an image in ES, which can be done from an iPad or iPhone, as well as the computer. The process before required a hardcopy printout of the proof, imaged by an Epson printer, which was then sent overnight to the customer for approval.

“Using ES 4, we now save time and money,” says Hashimoto. ES eliminates the time and expense associated with paper proofs—there are no more hard copies used in the proofing process. The ES soft proof is color-certified for high-resolution document viewing.

“We don’t have to wait overnight for material to be delivered to get an answer from our client,”Hashimoto notes. “Also, because we aren’t printing the proofs, we are saving on materials.”

Hashimoto appreciates all the options ES opens up for the customer and Cenveo. For example, while the company isn’t yet using the ePublication features, it is something Hashimoto is considering for use with their web sites. “It’s a nice option,” he says. For web-based projects, the ePublication option allows print-ready PDFs to be automatically or interactively enriched with active URLs, picture slide shows, videos, table of content, and action buttons. They are exploring the use of ES with video, as well.

Hashimoto was very pleased to work with IO Integration, a company he has known for a very long time. “They were a great help,” he says. “Some of my other customers are using IO Integration. They were flexible on the implementation scheduling and can work in a timely manner if needed.”

This is a good example, that by having the right tool in place, it takes care of an important customer’s needs. Both Cenveo and its customer are happy.