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Production via various output channels at the Druckstudio Gruppe

The Düsseldorf-based Druckstudio Group has become a firmly established success in the premium segment over recent decades. The portfolio of this innovative media service provider includes high-quality commercial printing, efficient digital printing services and cross-media content to-channel management. Its customers include large companies from the cosmetics, clothing, automotive and telecommunications industries, for example, as well as SMEs.


The strategy of the Druckstudio Group has a strong focus on sustainability and quality, which has enabled it to successfully pursue all three dimensions of sustainability – ecological, economical and social – on an equal footing and to the fullest possible scope.

Part of this work is reflected in the certifications that the Group holds with respect to internationally recognised standards for quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001), environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001), energy management (DIN EN ISO 50001) and the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Councils (FSC®). Furthermore, Druckstudio offers its customers the option of carbon-neutral printing.

Multiple successes in important industry awards such as Sappi European Printer of the Year, the Druck&Medien Awards and the Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry are impressive credentials for the company’s expertise in printing and finishing and its environmentally friendly alignment. The Druckstudio Group is also the only print shop to be singled out four times by “Germany’s Top Employer” for its commitment to its workforce.

Through its market-leading, future-focused systems and highly qualified experts, Druckstudio helps its customers address the growing challenges associated with effective cross-media brand communication. In doing so, the Group provides support in the form of workflow optimisation, process automation, asset management and multi-channel publishing.

Just as in the previous year, DALIM SOFTWARE commissioned the Druckstudio Group to print its THEMAGAZINE, now in its 20th issue. This time, however, besides printing the magazine, the Group also had to deliver a folding truck and wrapping for a genuine, life-size truck. The aim was to provide top-class printing quality, finishing for the cover and sustainable production – and of course to use the DALIM SOFTWARE product range during manufacturing.


Production, communication and release using ES

DALIM SOFTWARE was once again used to produce THEMAGAZINE. Whether for commercial, packaging or large-format printing, seamless communication between all the parties involved in a project is always exceptionally important. In this case, besides process efficiency, speed and maximum quality standards, both companies also set great store by sustainability. Rapid notifications and direct channels – covered using ES – ensure that everyone involved receives the necessary information, their tasks and releases “just in time”.


Thanks to digital soft proofing in ES, proofs can be released without having to leave the workstation. Because soft proofs are reproduced accurately on monitors down to each individual dot, users can identify any errors and resolve them quickly. This eliminates the time-consuming process of creating and mailing proofs.

One of the strengths of ES is that it enables print shops to manage production on a sustainable basis, keep all parties up to date and pass on, distribute and correctly allocate this information. It makes no difference where anybody is based, because meetings, appointments, revision cycles, changes and releases can all be handled digitally. This enables brand owners, agencies and print shops worldwide to communicate with each other, coordinate projects and initiate new projects. All this helps to enhance quality assurance and keep production operations running smoothly. Druckstudio benefits from this approach every day – a fact that also went down very well during the production of THEMAGAZINE.

However, sustainability also means using environmentally friendly papers, inks and coatings – another area where Druckstudio and DALIM SOFTWARE are on the same wavelength. “Druckstudio has proved that cost-efficient and cost-optimised production can go hand in hand with sustainability and maximum quality,” says Bertin Sorgenfrey, Head of International Marketing at DALIM SOFTWARE.

This year, there was another special highlight that was produced by Druckstudio.

When it was agreed that DALIM SOFTWARE should host a VIP arena at drupa inside a truck, the company decided to produce a small, folding truck that visitors could take home with them! Naturally, this too was produced using ES. No matter what the project or process, ES ensures that all the various disciplines involved can work together and that all the printing processes can be mapped.

Efficient and cost-effective service tool

When the order was generated, all the release processes were specified according to their hierarchy. Consequently, a virtually unlimited number of process steps can be checked at any time, according to customer requirements. Naturally, only employees with authority to issue a release or make changes will see the parts of a project that are relevant to them. Although the THEMAGAZINE project involved three different printing disciplines, it was handled as one single project. The system was able to allocate the individual subsections directly to the corresponding sub-project. The direct communication between DALIM SOFTWARE and Druckstudio based on the soft proof enabled effective collaboration and ensured that the project ran smoothly and quickly on both sides.

However, sustainability also has a positive role to play – soft proofing saves on resources, thus minimising environmental impact. It is a conviction that both Druckstudio and DALIM SOFTWARE take very seriously.