Echopark achieves optimal proof process and efficient coordination with DALIM SOFTWARE

With Echopark production company in Essen, DALIM SOFTWARE has a truly exceptional customer in its portfolio. Echopark is a unique combination of advertising agency and production. The company was founded by Rüdiger Konetschny some 20 years ago. Starting as a recording studio for radio commercials and developing in line with the requirements of new and existing customers, the company quickly outgrew itself. As a true full-service agency, Echopark serves all fields of marketing and advertising. From radio commercials to TV ads and corporate videos to a variety of printed products, with Echopark, everything really does come from a single source.


The 1,000m² photo studio alone, which is equipped with several individual, fully-equipped studios, offers every possibility imaginable for photography, from small to large objects. It’s no surprise then that the customers who entrust Echopark with their merchandise catalogues include major retailers like KiK, Tedi and Woolworth as well as the football club Borussia Dortmund. The studios also offer people photography, producing shots of all kinds of products, from ride-on lawnmowers to fashion goods through to furniture and even complete interiors.

The graphics department is therefore of huge importance and, with over 30 designers and customer advisers as well as its own integrated image editing department, always brings the best results to paper. The core business of the printing department includes, amongst other things, designing and producing catalogues, brochures, leaflets and image campaigns. On these projects, Echopark supports its customers from concept development right through to the final digital or printed product.

Production from a database

In 2012, the broad diversity of products and customers’ growing desire to generate media production from databases led the team at Echopark to reconsider their previous approach to print production and to seek more efficient alternatives.

After researching the various solutions available on the market, they quickly decided on the ES 4 from DALIM SOFTWARE. The workflow management alone was enough to convince the decision-makers that ES 4 was right for them. Following an internal analysis of requirements and a test phase involving various customers, the system was implemented with no problems.

Björn Möller, authorised signatory at Echopark, explains the advantages delivered by the new Dalim solution using an example: “One of our clients is the Dortmund-based football club Borussia Dortmund.


Using the DALIM SOFTWARE solution and a workflow tailored to the customer, we managed to produce their 220-page fan catalogue within a few days, from initial layout to printable PDF. The conventional way of working with all its associated coordination stages would have taken much longer to complete. This approach is possible because, amongst other things, we had installed the DIALOGUE Engine soft proof solution at the customer’s. As a result, we obtained much faster, more reliable and more accurate coordination results. Thanks to the calibrated monitors, we were able to obtain the approval without a conventional proof and thus achieved a much more efficient workflow.”

Traceable results

But it is not just the workflow and faster production speed that is impressive. Using ES 4 at Echopark also ensures colour fidelity, provides traceable results and significantly simplifies the coordination processes. For Sven Kolkmann, Head of Graphics and Lithography at Echopark and thus responsible for the implementation of DALIM SOFTWARE, another aspect is crucial: “Integrating external service providers is easier. In many cases, we need numerous language versions and ES 4 simplifies the cooperation with translation agencies and minimises the likelihood of errors. We have already started to integrate standard solutions such as Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. In addition, we are integrating our media asset management system and our digital asset management system. This makes for even simpler collaboration with customers within our own production workflows. It also makes automatic cataloguing as well as the optimisation and sharing of pictures and other resources easier.”


Results available for browsing
Use of the DALIM DVL solution, a virtual library application that can be used to provide printing projects as RSS feeds for tablets and smartphones, also provides Echopark with a major advantage in terms of coordinating data with the customer. Directly connected to the production server, the virtual library provides a current overview of the status of the order and conveys a realistic “look and feel” of the publication. Corrections and approvals can therefore be submitted from practically anywhere in the world. Sven Kolkmann particularly appreciates the realistic representation of projects: “Our customers are constantly informed about the current status of their project – and not only at the production level. All the decision-makers, right through to management, are also always up-to-date and can, if necessary, submit corrections via DIALOGUE Engine and communicate them directly to the production staff.

Security and satisfied customers
Once the project is approved by the customer, another internal proof is performed at Echopark on single-page PDFs before the data is transferred to the printer. The printer then sends the ripped pages as 1-bit data back to Echopark, where they are compared once again with the shared PDFs in the Dalim system. If the two objects match, approval to print can be given. Björn Möller: “In the future, we will use ES 4 and DIALOGUE Engine more and more for transmitting in-house projects between our sites. That way, we will achieve even better coordination between production and management. Hence for us, ES 4 is the perfect tool for optimising production and communication at all levels. It helps us achieve greater customer satisfaction because now not only can we serve them faster, we can also compare and coordinate the current status at any time. Increased production reliability and the satisfaction of all parties are an important and pleasant result.”

When asked about the plans for the future, Bjorn Moller has other big ambitions for DALIM SOFTWARE: “Since we were able to considerably optimise our print production with ES 4, we now want to use this system for our film production. This would give us the ability to manipulate the data right up to the last second, which would allow us to produce even more quickly and more effectively in the future in this department too.”