Carey Color Inc.


Carey Color Inc.

Carey Color, based in Sharon Center, Ohio, has been with DALIM SOFTWRE longer than most. “We were their second US customer!” boasts Mark Kyner, Systems Manager.

Carey Color is a full-service company handling packaging, laser engraving, prepress, digital photography, asset management and large format platemaking. “While we rely on solutions like TWIST and DIALOGUE extensively,” continues Mark, “overall, LITHO has made the biggest impact on our business.”

“We purchased LITHO back in the early 1990’s,” says Tom Posey, Dalim Manager. “Over fifteen years later, there’s still nothing to touch it in terms of high-quality retouching. Sure, Photoshop has closed the gap over the years, but there are still many things that can be done faster or better by LITHO.”
LITHO’s prowess extends beyond retouching or color correction. “We have a customer that produces an 80-page catalog in 20 different languages,” continues Tom. “LITHO does a fantastic job keeping the entire project organized. We separate the various plates for each page. LITHO can then pull up the base pages and run them with whichever language version we need, automatically adding the type to the black image plates. We then send the files to DIALOGUE for softproofing and to TWIST for high-qualityoptimized PDF files.”

Carey Color’s attention to detail and dedication to delivering the highest quality means that much of their production work is still performed manually by trained operators, rather than by automation. “With DALIM SOFTWARE tools we have the best of both worlds,” says Chad Gray, Senior Developer at Carey. “For high quality retouching and color-correction on a job-by-job basis, we use LITHO. We use TWIST for input and opening our files. It’s also great at creating print-ready PDF files. Working with LITHO, what is on the screen is always what comes out in print. The PDF file is always consistent. Any trap in LITHO stays the way we created it.”

“A key part of our success lies with our integrator, Blanchard Systems,” says Mark. “Their technical support is great. If we ever have a problem, we send them an email and get a solution within a couple of hours. They have been with us since Day One, and are great to work with.”

Carey Color also uses TWIST for catalogs, commercial printing, and feeding their asset management system. It helps with archiving, changing high and low-resolution file sizes, and formats. They also use TWIST to deliver files to their DIALOGUE web-based proofing system. Customers visit their customized web site and review – and annotate – pages for content approval.

“We initially invested in DALIM SOFTWARE applications to keep the quality we’re known for. As a result, we were able to process and deliver files that others couldn’t. Meanwhile, we’ve seen maybe fifteen companies in our area fall by the wayside because they didn’t evolve. DALIM SOFTWARE grows with us and keeps us competitive.”

“We simply would not be here without it.”

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