Harper House


Harper House

Founded in 1919 and based in Irving, Texas, Harper House provides marketing support services. Today the company offers a range of creative, photography, premedia, and printing services to advertising agencies, design firms, and in-house corporate marketing departments.

“Around 99% of everything that we produce is output from our TWIST system – and we’re working on that last 1%!” says George Brian, Harper House’s Premedia Operations Manager. “We originally purchased the system because of its versatility which addressed all of our clients’ needs at that time. Now here we are six years after the initial installation and while our business, client requirements and output devices have all evolved, the TWIST system is just as productive and as big a part of our workflow as it was at installation time. What other piece of technology can you say that about today?”

“The single most powerful aspect of TWIST lies in its flexibility,” he continues. “Six years ago our clients were demanding TIFF-IT files. Then it was PDF, then PDF/X-1a. TWIST has taken the evolutions in its stride. Similarly, as we’ve introduced new output devices – first dot proofing, then a wide range of inkjet and laser-based devices, everything has networked perfectly. We’ve never had an issue where we couldn’t get an output device and TWIST to work together.”

Today of course, much of Harper House’s production is networked with both clients and printers over the Internet. As their workflows matured, they implemented yet another strength of the TWIST system. One of Harper House’s printers uses MISTRAL, and the level of intra-systems connectivity is very impressive. Harper House’s system automatically creates the PDFx1a files and then the files are sent via ftp transmission to the printer. Based upon a naming convention, the printer’s MISTRAL system receives these files, creates the imposition and produces a proof – all without any human intervention. A key element to Harper House’s success with their TWIST system lies with Harper House’s long-time integrator and DALIM SOFTWARE reseller IO Integration.

“IOI and Harper House have formed a strong relationship,” says George. “As well as in-depth TWIST knowledge, they have helped us deploy a highly customized DAM system and integrated various production processes using our TWIST server.”

“Over the years, we’ve all seen various industry vendors and products come and go. Only the cream of the crop have survived,” concludes George. “DALIM SOFTWARE has become a sort of ‘standard’ to a degree. Most of the successful companies that we speak with seem to have some type of DALIM SOFTWARE installation, and the reasons why are clear: They consistently provide high-productivity, commercially relevant solutions to our ever-changing production challenges. When we initially made the decision to work with TWIST, most people we were working with had not heard of it. Today, it has become a common denominator in our business.”

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