Lenox Corporation


Lenox Corporation

Since 1889, the vision of Walter Scott Lenox has guided the company he founded to set the highest standards for quality, artistry, and beauty. Today Lenox is among the world’s oldest and most respected names in fine tableware and giftware — favored by presidents, displayed in museums, honored with awards, and enjoyed in homes across America. That’s why the promotion of Lenox products – indeed of the Lenox tradition and heritage – is a tall order of business.

Lenox fine china, crystal, flatware, giftware, collectibles, home décor and tabletop products are timeless pieces that reflect superb quality and craftsmanship. They are also very “visual” work of art. Whether the promoting media is print or the web, color reproduction and the quality of image details are paramount. This has been for many years the key contribution North American Color, Inc. has provided to the long lasting partnership with the Lenox Corporation.

Yet, in addition to quality in image reproduction, the current market conditions and the ever competitive product marketing communication landscape requires the streamlining of all aspects of the promotion process, regardless of the media.

DALiM SOFTWARE and Hyphen-Italia are the technical partners who helped Lenox and NAC achieve their goal of implementing a fully integrated and efficient pre-media production operation spanning from digital asset management to the streamlining of the product photography phase as well as all other pre-media activities all the way to final file delivery to printers and cross-media applications.

“Through the development of this solution, NAC was asked to provide Lenox with services integrating all phases and functions of the pre-media production. Incorporating in our NACTools solution the Hyphen-Italia Chalco.net on-line applications and Dalim Software workflow automation and Soft-proofing has proven to be the answer” says Sue Blesch, NAC VP of Accounts for Lenox Corporation.

“The combination of the NACTools on-line applications and the workflow automation tools made available by NAC has greatly improved our speed to market and made our processes more cohesive” adds Lisa Warburton, Catalog Production Manager, The Lenox Group.

Product photography is uploaded via the Internet through the Chalco. FileManager NACtools droplet. Images are automatically processed by TWIST and posted for on-line approval through the Chalco.4Print and the DIALOGUE applications. Approval status and annotations are automatically tracked and notified enabling Lenox users, photographers and the NAC production full control on the project’s status.

Chalco.4Print and DIALOGUE are also used for Layout approvals cycles. The on-line approval is complemented by a remote proofing option, which can be activated through a specific workflow for proofing output at Lenox location. Through the whole production process the TWIST application provides a great wealth of automation services for tasks ranging from file conversion, preflight, artwork PDF generation, etc. making it an indispensable cornerstone of the system. TWIST output files and product photography are made available to end user through the digital asset management application – Chalco.idb, which also provides metadata information about the products imported from Lenox ERP system. The DAM application is also used to track production instructions and for image and artwork download for both print and cross-media projects.

“Regardless of the type of production: catalogs, direct mail or advertising, the level of integration achieved among all participating users and functions of a project is remarkably improved through the use of on-line tools and automation, allowing Lenox faster turnaround and greater flexibility” commented Lisa Warburton.

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