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This is a good time to talk about a new proliferation of advanced DALIM SOFTWARE technologies, where the vast territory of Russia stretches to the east. DALIM SOFTWARE’s distributor for Russia is Terem-Media Company, a business with extensive experience implementing advanced software solutions for the media and printing industry.

Michael Rikhirev, Terem-Media Company’s manager in charge of DALIM SOFTWARE, shares his impressions and experiences, “The current development of the graphic arts industry and our entire economy has an interesting effect on the software business in Russia. The pioneers of new automation technologies are not the largest, nor do they necessarily have the most powerful resources, but they are the most dynamic companies. They sense a deep, distinct, need for change. Our most interesting project in 2010 illustrates this situation very well. The first user in Russia of DALIM SOFTWARE’s ES, the unique, modern web-platform, was not a large Russian web-offset printing plant, but TalerPrint!, a medium-sized commercial printer based in Moscow, and equipped with smaller, four-up sheet-fed offset presses.”

This story is not accidentally titled ‘From the small to the great’. It defines how present-day automation system technologies develop in the vast territory of eastern Europe. And, in many cases, new projects are designed not to increase productivity and reduce costs, but to satisfy the need of accomplishing change, striving to be the first and most advanced in the industry, in business, and in the vast, entire country.

1998, a crisis year for Russia, is considered the year that TalerPrint Company was founded, when in September they purchased its first Heidelberg offset press. It was the easy to use QM46-2, which the company still operates in production to print simple jobs, blanks and envelopes. Since then, the company’s list of printing equipment has grown to four, full-color sheet-fed offset Heidelberg presses. During Drupa 2008, the international exhibition of graphic design and printing industry, the owners of TalerPrint were awarded a certificate confirming their official status as a Heidelberg venture partner.

In 2008, the production chain was completed by the purchase of two collators. All manufacturing operations were automated, with minimal human intervention in the production cycle. With more than twenty pieces of printing equipment (not including some other, small auxiliary equipment) in all areas of production, TalerPrint was able to offer customers a complete range of print production services. They delivered short runs of digital printing to long runs on an offset press, offering all possible finishes —varnishes (including UV), foiling, cutting, relief stamping, and design papers. And, in 2008, TalerPrint installed a complete oxygen content climate control system maintaining optimal temperature and humidity for printing — a unique system for Russian printers.

In 2009, the company made a strategic decision to expand their business and launch two new product areas — supplying souvenirs and making stickers.

All of these production projects were either installed at the same time, or ahead of the company’s competition. The next logical step for the company’s production system was the investment of specialized software to receive and process customer PDF files.

In 2010, TalerPrint signed a contract with Terem-Media, a systems integrator, to supply and install ES, a new web-based collaboration platform, and the TWIST automated production workflow. TalerPrint’s management understood that in the present, a print buyer no longer chooses a printer simply to ensure consistent quality, meeting deadlines, receiving competitive prices.

Andrey V. Zarshchikov, TalerPrint Sales Director, comments on the project, ”In order to establish strong partnerships between our customers and production, we needed a unique and convenient service to receive and track orders. It is important for printers to minimize the risk of receiving incomplete files via the Internet, record the arrival time of orders into our production system and normalize the resulting files according to our technological requirements. We also wanted to provide files for client approval through a common web browser. We chose DALIM SOFTWARE products, because they can assure us that we can provide this service to our customers.”

In just the first few months after installation, the system has received only positive feedback from TalerPrint’s Moscow customers. In the crazy rhythm of the large city, it is very important to have access to the ready-to-print files from any place where there is access to the Internet, and from any device, whether PDA, laptop, or iPad. And now, TalerPrint provides this service.

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