Media Market


ES & TWIST soutiennent les nouveaux outils de communication multi-canaux

 MediaMarket S.p.a. (with its MediaWorld and Saturn stores) is the Italian branch of Mediamarkt, one of the largest global consumer electronics retailers based in Germany.

In 2013, MediaMarket commissioned Hyphen-Italia to design and implement a centralised project on products and digital assets management enabling the group to progressively develop a series of new communication and sale channels, from e-commerce to points of sales (inStore Television and Digital Signage, QR-Codes & Mobile App, Proximity Marketing, etc.).

We had a chat about this project and the DALIM SOFTWARE integration with Alessio Saraceno, Hyphen-Italia COO and Project Engineer, who worked alongside MediaMarket CIO and his team.

What were the premise and components of the project?
Hyphen-Italia was chosen for the specific expertise we have developed over time, working with different retailer brands (and not only) in the marketing and communication processes management, through change projects, IT support solutions and specific and vertical tools.

In this case we have implemented some of our suite solutions, integrated with DALIM SOFTWARE products for workflow and image processing. Adobe and Telestream tools also play a part in the overall platform.

Which areas have you covered with the project?
We agreed with the customer to label the new environment as PCM (Product Content Management) System; this covers several areas:



First of all, the implementation of a “Product-based DAM”: with this term we identify what we tend to consider as the evolution of DAM for the brands’ market. Linked to a company’s ERP system, it will eventually become the MasterData System for the Company’s communication and marketing channels feeding. Therefore, it is a system (or, better, a solution) with the capability to process texts and product images from various sources: these can be enriched by the company roles (marketing / communication / e-commerce / digital) throughout the process with specific channel-related information.

The integration with WCS (the IBM e-commerce suite) for the management of Saturn and MediaWorld’s e-commerce portals: until just recently these were separate, are now combined in one single brand (and portal).

An automatic workflow for the (printed/digital) flyer production, encompassing all phases from planning and creation up to flyer’s distribution: product information and assets that are available through the DAM system allow for better, more integrated work with the Creative Agency, moreover flyers are being developed inside MediaMarket offices taking advantage of the data integrity, completeness and re-purposing functions in the system.

Last but not least, the integration, through Web Services, with specific tools supporting both the inStore Multichannel communication and the Mobile User Experience:

  • A Mobile Web App for the “product sheet” which links to the QR Code: this is printed on every price tag and on all printed communication (ads and window signs). The product sheet aggregates and shows detailed product information, including videos, images and technical specifications. It can be useful for shop assistants within the points of sale and for the clients/consumers (inside or outside the point of sale) to get more information about the product.
  • Digital Signage displays projecting – within the point of sale – communication content that has been selected by the PoS manager and is streamed out from the DAM system.
  • InStore Television, that can be programmed through a specific tool “picking up” from the DAM system the content marked as “suitable for Television”.

What other technologies have you integrated to achieve all this?

Besides the standard Desktop Publishing tools (for example, Adobe) that are integrated in the DAM system with the various workflows for digital/printed content creation and management, a fundamental role is played by DALIM SOFTWARE technology, which handles several aspects via ES and TWIST:

  • The automatic adaption of all input images, supplied directly by product distributors or manufacturers, for various uses/channels and in various formats for every single channel (in terms of resolution, colour space, size, colour profiling, etc.). There are images, then: for e-commerce in various formats; Press Ready for the printed flyer; Hi-Res for Digital Signage and for inStore Television; optimised for Mobile devices.
  • Post-production workflow management (for image cut-outs), which is driven with the ES platform
  • Some entirely automated workflow with no MediaMarket staff required.

What benefits have already been obtained and what can Mediamarket, that’s to say your customer, expect to gain from this implementation?
Mediamarket, as a customer in the retail sector, achieves several goals and benefits in terms of: integrity, completeness, order and authoritativeness of the contents; time saving; Brand Integrity; ability to manage different content for 118 Points of Sale without activity and asset redundancy; Time-to-market and competitiveness to other retailers.

What evidence can you provide for the client’s positive reception of this project?
At Hyphen we do not measure “customer satisfaction” through periodical surveys or similar tools; in fact, we prefer to trust some real factors to work out whether a customer is satisfied or not.

The best example for us is represented by MediaMarket decisions and actions to confirm and extend – since the beginning of the project – this implementation that combines and ES / TWIST technologies for managing and delivering multichannel digital content to their points of sale.

The partnership with DALIM SOFTWARE is decisive for us and was an unequivocally strategic decision by the customer.