Haggin Marketing, Inc.


Haggin Marketing, Inc.

When multi-channel marketing services agency Haggin Marketing, Inc., decided to automate premedia operations at its Mill Valley, Calif. facility, it turned to DALIM SOFTWARE for a solution.

Haggin Marketing, founded in 2001, is a results-driven, full-service direct marketing, strategic, creative, and production services agency providing integrated communications for multichannel marketers. With a specialty in catalog marketing, direct mail, FSI media, retail, e-mail marketing and e-commerce, the agency’s blue chip roster includes Adidas, American Express, AT&T, Dell, eBay, Sunglass Hut International, among others.


After it acquired the Chicago Catalogue Company in November 2006, the growing company initiated a drive to handle more premedia tasks in-house. Haggin now uses the TWIST workflow as a preflight tool to lend a greater degree of quality control and achieve a more consistent product on press as efficiently as possible. Before the installation took place, the company outsourced most of its preflight and premedia operations.

At first, the company looked at several less expensive preflight solutions but they did not operate well on an enterprise level. “I used some of those solutions when I worked on two newspapers in Arizona,” recalls IT Director Rob Montraix. “Unfortunately, some of them let a lot of things get through, like embedded images and fonts.”

“TWIST is now the basis of our entire premedia workflow,” says Montraix. “One of the things we like best about TWIST is being able to do a more thorough job in a shorter time. We recently completed a 700-page job in an 11-hour session – with one person. Before we had TWIST, that same job would have required five people and 40 hours – each – to complete manually.”

TWIST also lends Haggin the ability to build customizable workflows as required. “Within our premedia department we have seven different workflows, each with their own set of print vendors. With TWIST, we can tailor those systems to our individual team needs.” At the end of the day, Montraix concludes, TWIST “gives us an organized framework to execute within. In premedia it saves errors and money. It’s easier to spot things that are not right.”

Haggin already had been using the DIALOGUE online softproofing solution for two years prior to the installation of TWIST. The company currently uses the online annotation features of DIALOGUE, along with a home-grown routing system, to make a popular end-user product, called Boomerang, which enables Haggin’s clients to do online annotations and approval processing.

Customers prize it for its ease of use, as well as for the fact that it reduces or eliminates courier fees, depending on how many rounds of proofs are required. “One customer reported saving $60,000 per year. It also saves as many as two days of document travel time, if you’re working on three rounds of reviews, so we’re able to meet even more demanding client timetables,” Montraix says, “It does so well, that clients demand it. It’s become part of our sales pitch, and a big reason how and why we continue to win new customers. It’s also a profit center for us.”

While both products are easy to use and enable Haggin to work on a surface level or deep down to customize pertinent workflow, the primary appeal of both DIALOGUE and TWIST lay in its “fantastic” user interface, says Montraix. “We run a heavy Mac environment. While we do give our customers instructions, often they aren’t needed. DALIM SOFTWARE products on the whole have a very intuitive interface that is extremely easy to use.”

The story is likely not to end with TWIST. “We’re going to rebuild our back end and are considering using MISTRAL for routing and workflow, as it relates to our customers,” concludes Montraix.

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