How to Maximise the Value of your Brand with ES

Watch DALIM SOFTWARE’s webinar to discover more about how How to Maximise the Value of your Brand with ES.

In order to master their omnichannel presence, brands not only need a business workflow keeping up with all their marketing campaigns, but also a repository centralizing all content for various channels – accessible at any time, from anywhere!

You will learn in this webinar how to:

  • Organize and classify your photos and cross media production files (MAM)
  • Manage personalised task automation from document conversion to their dsitribution
  • Use the Online validation of high-resolution documents of any type through DIALOGUE Engine
  • Contributing to the conception of branded content management platforms (CMS)

Take 20 minutes to discover how DALIM SOFTWARE is able to map such creative workflows with the help of ES. You will find out more about our strategy, focusing on maximizing the value of your brand.

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