RCS Mediagroup


TWIST and HYPHEN in RCS Galaxy

In the Gutenberg Galaxy – as Marshall McLuhan has called it – and so in today’s global village, RCS MEDIAGROUP (Rizzoli Corriere della Sera MEDIAGROUP SpA) certainly occupy an important place, contributing with their publications and their activities to further broaden its global dimensions.


RCS MEDIAGROUP is, in fact, one of the leading Italian publishing groups, and is active in virtually all areas of publishing, nationally and internationally: Newspapers and Magazines, Books, radio, television, and also web and advertising. With a total sales income of about €1.6 billion, about 40% of which are produced by the foreign sector, RCS MEDIAGROUP is significantly present in Spain, Portugal, USA, South America and China, and it is listed in the Italian Stock Exchange.

For several years now, Hyphen-Italia and DALIM SOFTWARE have been contributing to the motion and results of this Galaxy, by serving with their own integrations of TWIST and Hyphen platforms many RCS business sectors, which have proved to be always a very sensible and responsive company in respect to technological development.

Carlo Viscomi
Director of CMS and DAM platforms

The most interesting aspect of Hyphen-DALIM SOFTWARE collaboration – and integrated offer – for RCS lies in the cross-over usage and results that make RCS a brilliant case history for the publishing and communication world.

TWIST is used in almost all contexts of RCS publishing, i.e. in the Books and Magazines publishing chain, in the advertising management of Newspapers and Magazines, but also in the Web and mobile world.

Let’s see some details of this multi-server and multi- purpose installation and integration.

In the Magazine field, a specific TWIST installation is integrated, through production and back-end programs, for the automated assembly of editorial and advertising pages, providing an output of several thousand ‘combined’ pages that will be printed for RCS magazines.

The RCS portal for ADV materials is supported by (and integrated with) the robustness and reliability, as well as safety, that are guaranteed by another TWIST installation, for control automation and normalisation of advertising pages, for all the group’s Newspapers and Magazines.

The RCS Book sector has implemented TWIST in its own production cycle at a later moment, however the results are really spectacular, thanks to a seamless integration with Hyphen-Italia platforms and solutions. In particular, the RCS Book sector uses Hyphen-Italia’s Chalco.MBM solution to completely manage the publishing production cycle. MBM allows publishing and production managers and editors to manage the publishing project and to store all digital assets relating to Books/Publications with their metadata: this makes them easily available for search and re-use by the various editorial staff of the same imprint/group.

In the school Book publishing, MBM & TWIST allow to automatically create PDF files, in addition to the normal output for printing the publishing project, used by the ‘Scuolabook’ Web platform – created by a common project amongst Italian publishing companies for the school, which is ‘the first digital library designed for first and second level secondary schools’. On this platform, the ‘e-books’ of school books are published online, and can be purchased and downloaded by Italian students.

Image publishing on tablet is benefiting, instead, of a particular TWIST functionality to manage vector images on iPads and similar devices: amongst Chalco.MBM outputs there is also the E-PDF option that can be used as an alternative to Ebook formats, to optimise maps on tablets. The E-PDF marketplace is directly powered by the MBM&TWIST system, which also provides an abstract for the publisher’s Website.

The same platform has also provided a solution for the world of comics published on tablets, and the publishing label of the RCS group specialised in this sector, Lizard, has available amongst the Chalco. MBM outputs the epub ‘fixed layout’ for mobile devices, generated by TWIST. In the MBM and TWIST teamwork, the latter generates in a completely automated way – starting from the PDF files for printing – the epub compliant file with optimised colour drawings and illustrations, whilst MBM manages the flow and the creation of the final file, through the use of metadata, and the TOC (Table of Content) creation. So, without manual intervention, the publisher has an editorial product ideal for the use on tablets.

Last, but not least, Chalco.MBM and TWIST have allowed the application of additional high-automation flow, used for RCS ‘out of catalogue’ titles for which there is a Print-On-Demand section. In this case, reprint requests are processed through the integration of MBM and RCS managing system, from which order and publication data are taken to drive TWIST repurposing of PDF files – according to digital printing specifications – and to manage the delivery to the printer.

As stated by Carlo Viscomi, RCS MEDIAGROUP Director of CMS and DAM platforms for (Trade and Education) Books and Magazines sectors: ‘The Chalco.MBM & TWIST integrated platform has proved to be the right answer to the need of high automation of processes, once excessively and manual. It is also an essential tool to align the publishing business with the high speed requirements of new media.’